Reaper Episode 18

Sarah robbed Ben blind and got him in trouble with the law, while Tony’s demon friend came to the conclusion that Sam must be the Devil’s son in Reaper Episode 17.

The Devil takes credit for the lottery as one of his greatest inventions, which he calls the idiot tax. Sam wants to know how he met his parents, to which he gets a response that people who make deals with the Devil generally aren’t big on integrity. Enough of that now, though, he’s got a soul for him. A fortune teller who was hung by a bunch of clods with pitchforks for conspiring with the Devil (after she made a deal with him).

Sock wants his relationship with Josie to be effortless. If it’s just another job, he quits. So she fires him.

Tony’s got a new plan. Capture the Devil in Solomon’s cage. Sam warns him of all the death and destruction from last time reapeating itself. Sam doesn’t have to be involved, but Tony just needs Sam’s employee discount for all the supplies.

Sock hits on a hot demon girl. She decides she really wants a kiss. He doesn’t care that he feels weird after they kiss the first time, so he kisses her again… and passes out. He feels totally pumped now and starts acting like he ate a bag of sugar sticks and a six pack of soda.

Sam believes he’s seen Steve appearing as a stain on the wall, and Andi suggests that perhaps he isn’t quite so crazy to believe that.

The Devil forces Sam to spill the beans on Tony’s plan. He’s not at all concerned. But Tony’s real plan is not to capture Satan. Rather, he hopes to capture his son.

Sock’s newfound energy boost is gone, but Andi’s on to new things and has spent hours finding the soul. The boys know it’s the hottest girl within a few seconds, though. When they arrive at demon central with some lumber, they find the girl who kissed Sock. She apologizes for kissing him. It turns out she’s a succubus and has shaved about a year off his life. His plan is to just kiss her once a year.

Sam asks Tony about Steve appearing to him, and Tony’s mad that Steve would appear to Sam and not him. He also claims that God’s goodwill is never going to extend to demons. Then Sam tells him that the Devil may possibly know about the plans, but Steve’s not upset because those aren’t his real plans anyway.

Sock’s got a new buzz. Sam wants to know if he ate 16 pixie sticks.

They head to the fortune teller. She pulls Sam’s cards. He’s recently come into contact with his father, who is deceiving him about his birth, the Devil obscures the truth between himself and his father… and that’s where they leave it because she’s not going back to Hell.

Lucky for him, Sock’s full of adrenaline and manages to save him. But he’s not on drugs, which means that Ben shouldn’t tell his mom. Now Ben wants a taste of her since he knows the effect, but she doesn’t want to share. As a consolation, Sock will probably be dead in three years.

Sam confronts his father again. He wants to know the truth because his life is at risk every day, but his father is forbidden from telling him the truth.

Tony invites Sam out to demon central. He tells him he knows the secret his father’s not telling him and tosses him in the cage and informs him that he is the son of Lucifer. Sam’s father comes to the rescue and offers to explain everything. So he goes in the cage, too. Steve wanted to know about Cancun, where they took their first vacation, which he called Heaven. The glowing angel that appears before them confirms Sam’s story, and with that, Tony rescues Sam but not his father.

Now that his father’s dead and buried, Sam wants to know whether that was his actual father. His mom answers that, of course, he was. The Devil’s giving him some time off to mourn and spend time with his girl and friends. He’s still unconvinced that he’s not Satan’s son, though. Tony may have saved him, but those other demons won’t stop.

With that, the boys blow stuff up to honor the passing of the man who may or may not have been Sam’s biological father.

That’s the last of the new episodes for now. Reaper Season 2 starts its first of 13 episodes in midseason, presumably in January. Meaning there’s still one reason to watch this network.

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