Survivor: Micronesia Episode 11

Ozzy finally realized he wasn’t the genius he thought he was in Survivor: Micronesia Episode 10, as he was blindsided by his allies for being too big of a threat.

Parvati knows she needs to do some damage control since James and Amanda are pissed at her. She admits the girl power alliance to James, though. He tells her it’s gonna be awkward and that she’s selfish, not stupid. Unlike James, Amanda plays nice, to their faces anyway.

It’s time for the Survivor auction. Cirie spends $120 on a mystery dish: hot dog and french fries. Erik buys a covered item for $80 and is given the option for trading for another covered item. He passed up the octopus. He gets a huge tray of nachos. Natalie gets a bowl of bats. She doesn’t want it, but James does. Amanda bids $280 for peanutbutter & jelly and a glass of milk. Natalie bids $240 on a covered item, which is a bottle with a note: she picks someone to go to exile immediately and takes all the money they have left. A new idol has been hidden. Oh. Damnit. If the people are smart enough to get rid of it, don’t replant the damn thing. This is just wrong and stupid. Jason goes to exile. Natalie uses Jason’s cash to buy a chocolate cake and a note. She has to pick three people, and she picks the girls: Parvati, Cirie, and Alexis. They have 60 seconds to eat as much cake as they can. They’re going to regret this. Erik offers $40 to lick Cirie’s fingers.

Everybody wants Jason gone, but the problem is that now they’ve decided to send him to exile island, where he has a chance to find the new (and stupid) hidden immunity idol. Last time he managed to find the hidden immunity idol stick without much trouble. He believes he can trust Natalie, and if he finds the idol, he’d like to use it to help her. As expected, Jason finds the idol, one that’s not a stick with a happy face.

The girls have a plan to blindside Jason into not using his immunity, as they believe he trusts Natalie. Failing that, they hope to get rid of James instead.

The immunity challenge consists of multiple rounds. The first to finish move on to the next round. Natalie whispers to Jason that James is going home and that she sent him to exile for a reason. Jason, Erik, James, and Amanda are the first to break their tiles with rocks and move on to the second round. In this round, they must dig for a key, build a puzzle wheel, lower their planks, and cross them. James and Erik move on. In the final round, they’ll cross a rope bridge using planks. James falls and loses a lot of time. He manages to recover and gains a lot of ground, but it’s not enough to beat Erik across. Erik wins immunity.

When Jason leaves, they search his bag as planned and find out he’s got the idol. He admits to Natalie that he found it anyway. She calls herself a stone cold bitch and is loving it.

James wants to vote out Parvati, but Amanda doesn’t think Jason will play his idol just yet, though James can’t imagine anyone being voted out with an idol in their back pocket (or two).

Ozzy still doesn’t look happy. Jeff points out the obvious: James is a big physical threat. Jason does not play his idol.


Jason is the second person in a row to be blindsided based at least in part on having the hidden idol. Don’t worry, though. Probst will probably hide another one. Or two. I’ve got an idea. Why not just give everybody a hidden idol and turn the show into Survivor: Forever Eden?

At the end of the day, I don’t think it really matters that Jason didn’t play the idol. If he didn’t go, James would have gone, then Jason would be gone next week. Based on the votes, though, had Amanda followed James’ advice and voted Parvati, it would have forced a tie.

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