HD-DVD on Its Last Legs?

When Warner Bros. dropped HD-DVD in favor of Blu-ray, it became apparent it was only a matter of time before Sony’s format won the war. Not willing to admit defeat, Toshiba slashed prices in an effort to prove that it was offering the better deal to consumers. Seriously, though, better deal or not, Sony’s biggest advantage can’t be beat: 10 million PS3 owners.

The last week has been particularly unkind to the HD-DVD format. First, Best Buy said that its sales people would push Blu-ray in terms of product placement and sales associate recommendations. For its part, Netflix said it would be phasing out HD-DVD. Now, Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, has weighed in. They will be going Blu-ray only by June.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “reliable industry sources” suggest Toshiba will pull the plug on HD-DVD in the next few weeks. “An announcement is coming soon,” said one source close to the HD DVD camp. “It could be a matter of weeks.”

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