American Idol 7 Episode 10

The judges narrowed it down to 50 in American Idol 7 Episode 9. Now that Hollywood round is over, it’s time to narrow it down even further to the top 24.

Ronald Hodge, who we haven’t seen yet, is up first. He’s eliminated. Multiple others we haven’t seen proceed to be eliminated as well.

Carly Smithson, whose first album sold 378 copies with the backing of $2.2 million from MCA, is next. She’s the first one to make the top 24. Maybe if she wins Idol, her next album will sell 379 copies.

David Cook, who Simon said he wasn’t so sure about without a guitar, also makes it through.

The judges were concerned that every time Amanda Overmyer sings it will sound the same, but she was obviously going to get through.

Simon tries to scare David Archuleta, but we all know he’s going to be in the top 24.

Kristy Lee Cook has stood out each time she’s sung Amazing Grace. So what more is there to her? She gets through.

Brooke White says she was nervous the whole time she was on the stage. It didn’t come across that way when we saw it the first time. She’s already crying on the elevator ride up. She makes the top 24.

Danny Noriega, Jason Castro, Luke Menard, and Alexandrea Lushington are the next to get through, as does Ramiele Malubay.

Michael Johns shined in Hollywood, and that momentum carries him through this.

Syesha Mercado had a difficult Hollywood week and lost her voice, but she managed to get it together enough to be able to go forward.

Robbie Carrico also goes through to the top 24.

Garrett Haley, Kady Malloy, Chikezie Eze, Amy Davis, Alaina Whitaker, and Jason Yeager get through.

Asia’h Epperson, who recently lost her father, also makes it to the next round.

David Hernandez makes it through, but it’s not unanimous. Simon said no.

Josiah Leming, who also had a tough week in Hollywood, gets the boot, based largely on his final performance keeping a bad lingering vibe. He tells them he got overconfident, interestingly enough. Despite the rejection, he’s the first success story of the season, as he’s been getting quite a bit of attention and selling his songs on his Myspace page. Of all the people eliminated, this is the one that makes the least sense.

The final spot for the guys is between Colton Berry and Kyle Ensley. It’s no surprise that Colton, whoever he is, makes it through. Simon says he disagrees with the decision and that Kyle should have been given a chance.

For the girls, it comes down to Joanne Borgella and Cardin McKinney. Joanne, who says she’s had problems in the industry because she’s overweight, is the last person to make the top 24.

The top 24 contestants of American Idol season 7, who will move on to compete for America’s votes, are:

Alaina Whitaker
Alexandrea Lushington
Amanda Overmyer
Amy Davis
Asia’h Epperson
Brooke White
Carly Smithson
Chikezie Eze
Colton Berry
Danny Noriega
David Archuleta
David Cook
David Hernandez
Garrett Haley
Jason Castro
Jason Yeager
Joanne Borgella
Kady Malloy
Kristy Lee Cook
Luke Menard
Michael Johns
Ramiele Malubay
Robbie Carrico
Syesha Mercado

Half of these people we either don’t know or barely know, which is one of the things I’m not thrilled about with the start of American Idol. They spend so much time on disasters that they can’t give most of the more deserving people enough attention.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another recap of American Idol 7 episode 11, which airs Tuesday at 8/7c on Fox.

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