The Biggest Loser 5 Episode 1

With the new year upon us, NBC isn’t wasting any time getting us some new episodes. Tonight marks the premiere of The Biggest Loser 5, which for the first time is a couples (teams of two) edition. While waiting for the show to start, check out The Biggest Loser 5 Cast.

Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels will be returning to train the teams. Alison Sweeney returns as host. After two seasons, it doesn’t look like Kim will be back. Unlike previous seasons, it’s no longer black against blue. Rather, it’s every team for themselves.

Mallory and Curtis are married parents. Curtis is unable to get approved for health insurance due to his weight.

Maggie and Jennifer are ironically fat camp counselors, who say they don’t hire fat people in their camp.

Paul and Kelly are ex-husband/wife. Paul’s grandfather and father died in their 40s.

Jackie feels responsible for allowing her son Dan to get as overweight as he has.

The tenth and final team, Brittany & Bernie, has been selected from The Biggest Loser Club online. They have never met before.

The first challenge is a race up a hill and back down. They will be able to choose whichever trainer they want as they finish. They can only go as fast as the slowest member of their pair, and each trainer can only take 5 teams, so if they don’t get there fast enough, they’ll have to work with the other one.

Most of the teams seem to have already picked out who they want for a trainer. Jay and Mark are the first ones up the hill, and they’re the first ones down as well. Brittany & Bernie are next, working quite well together despite having just met. Before getting to the top, Bette-Sue drops to her knees and starts crawling. With this, they’re obviously the last to finish, and they’re probably the least happy about which trainer they’ve gotten.

5 of the first 7 teams pick Jillian.

Mark & Jay (black team)
Trent & Roger (grey team)
Curtis & Mallory (brown team)
Neill & Amanda (white team)
Maggie & Jenn (purple team)

Brittany & Bernie (blue team)
Jackie & Dan (orange team)
Paul & Kelly (yellow team)
Lynn & Jennifer (green team)
Bette-Sue & Ali (pink team)

It’s time for the first weigh in. Teams will weigh in together.

Maggie: 239 pounds
Jenn: 254 pounds
Total: 493 pounds

Mark: 285 pounds
Jay: 293 pounds
Total: 578 pounds

Curtis: 381 pounds
Mallory: 217 pounds
Total: 598 pounds

Bette-Sue: 261 pounds
Ali: 234 pounds
Total: 495 pounds

Jackie: 246 pounds
Dan: 310 pounds
Total: 556 pounds

Lynn: 409 pounds
Jenni: 267 pounds
Total: 676 pounds

Neill: 317 pounds
Amanda: 204 pounds
Total: 521 pounds

Bernie: 283 pounds
Brittany: 221 pounds
Total: 504 pounds

Paul: 303 pounds
Kelly: 271 pounds
Total: 574 pounds

Roger: 363 pounds
Trent: 436 pounds
Total: 799 pounds

Jillian obsesses over the team twist. She wants to be their teammate and doesn’t like that their enablers are with them. She’s really impressed with Amanda, who didn’t quit or complain. Neill, however, needed to be slapped upside the head, which is why he initially wanted to be trained by Bob. Paul collapses, while one of the others training with Bob is throwing up.

They take a trip to the emergency room to meet with the doctor. 3/4 have high blood pressure. Half have obstructed sleep apnea. While there, they go to the morgue. Very subtle.

While discussing the pregnancy risks, it hits home with Kelly, who’s had multiple miscarriages. Bette-Sue’s having difficulty taking the fat discussion seriously.

In the next challenge, teams must drag giant balloons around a course. The team that comes in first will subtract two pounds. The team that comes in last must add two pounds, which displeases Bette-Sue most of all. Bette-Sue & Ali jump out to an early lead, but they’re too quick about it and fade early. Mark & Jay have the strategy of letting somebody else set the pace, then taking over once that other team tires. Jenn & Maggie likewise don’t want to start off too quick, but the problem is they can’t pick up the pace anyway. Curtis & Mallory set the pace and lead most of the time. Mark & Jay take a big lead toward the end. Bernie & Brittany give them a run for their money toward the end (despite the fact that Bernie’s puking as they head toward the finish line), but Mark & Jay still win. Bette-Sue & Ali manage to finish fairly well, with Maggie & Jenn losing the challenge and taking the 2 pound penalty.

Jenni’s upset with her father, who refuses to run with her. He’s quick to come up with excuses about how he has blisters on his feet (she responds that she does, too). When she confronts him, he repeatedly denies her request because his feet hurt. Suck it up. These excuses are why he’s the second heaviest person on the show. Despite his refusal to workout the prior night, however, he wakes up early the next morning and gets on the treadmill so he doesn’t disappoint her.

Bernie heads to the hospital because he can’t keep any food down. They tell him to just take things easier.

Now it’s time to see how the teams have done during their first week.

Paul: 286 (-17)
Kelly: 258 (-13)
Total: -30 pounds, 5.23%

Mark: 268 (-17)
Jay: 280 (-13)
Total: -30 pounds, minus 2 from the challenge, 5.54%

Curtis: 359 (-22)
Mallory: 203 (-14)
Total: -36 pounds, 6.02%

Roger: 343 (-20)
Trent: 407 (-29)
Total: -49 pounds, 6.13%

Jackie: 231 (-15)
Dan: 285 (-25)
Total: -40 pounds, 7.19%

Lynn: 390 (-19)
Jenni: 260 (-7)
Total: -26 pounds, 3.85%

Neill: 304 (-13)
Amanda: 190 (-14)
Total: -27 pounds, 5.18%

Maggie: 229 (-10)
Jenn: 242 (-12)
Total: -22 pounds, plus 2 from the challenge, 4.06%

Bette-Sue: 245 (-16)
Ali: 215 (-19)
Total: -35 pounds, 7.07%

Bernie: 266 (-17)
Brittany: 211 (-10)
Total: -27 pounds, 5.36%

This puts Lynn & Jenni and Maggie & Jenn below the yellow line. Lynn put up big numbers even though his heart’s not in it, but his daughter put up particularly low numbers despite a strong effort. He tells the others to go ahead and get rid of him, and he willingly packs his bags. He blames her for their loss. The two girls are probably less threatening, but the fact that Lynn can’t care less suggests he should be sent home regardless. The teams are being given an hour to make a decision of who to send home.

Paul & Kelly: Maggie & Jenn
Neill & Amanda: Lynn & Jenni
Bernie & Brittany: Lynn & Jenni
Jackie & Dan: Lynn & Jenni
Curtis & Mallory: Lynn & Jenni
Bette-Sue & Ali: Lynn & Jenni

I’m surprised they even got one vote in their favor. Jenni may have had a bad week with the scale, but Lynn gave up before he even got there. After six weeks, Lynn has lost 30 pounds, while Jenni has lost 20.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another recap of The Biggest Loser: Couples episode 2, which airs Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC.

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  1. this is such an exciting year……..I never miss this show..I love it the best on t.v…one week is too long to wait for the next episode………I so bad need this……….help………i weigh toooooo much…………….I wouldlike to join forces with my brother..we are both too fat……………so if you need another pair call us…….janet and bill ………….

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