The Amazing Race 12 Episode 8

Kynt & Vyxsin went from a good team to a bickering couple in The Amazing Race 12 Episode 7 but lucked out and were greeted with this season’s first non-elimination leg. In a new twist, they must complete one extra task that the other teams don’t have to do.

As usual, the show is delayed due to a football overrun, about 40 minutes or so tonight. I will begin a live blog once 60 Minutes is over.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Nicolas & Donald (10:12PM)
Second: Nathan & Jennifer (11:55PM)
Third: Ronald & Christina (1:06AM)
Fourth: TK & Rachel (2:11AM)
Fifth: Kynt & Vyxsin (3:23AM)

Teams must fly almost 4000 miles to Mumbai, India, a leg of the race typically known for breakdowns, not that some of these people aren’t already close to breaking down as it is. Given the starting times, bunching’s likely.

Jennifer doesn’t want to be disgusted/embarassed by her and Nathan’s behavior any more. Ronald is hoping he’s a new man.

All teams start off together when the airport opens. Ronald & Christina have already reserved tickets. Kynt & Vyxsin walk around to various offices to see what they can get.

First flight (arrives 10:35PM): Ronald & Christina, Nicolas & Donald, Nathan & Jennifer
Second flight (arrives 10:50PM): Kynt & Vyxsin
Third flight (arrives 1:00AM): TK & Rachel

The first flight is delayed, and Kynt & Vyxsin arrive a bit ahead of everybody else.

Not that all the drama matters, since the hours of operation start at 6AM, so everybody’s even again. They must purchase a newspaper, where an ad will tell them where to go next (yeah, they waited all night to buy a newspaper). The next stop is Chauhan Tailors. Jennifer’s distracted by… everything. Nicolas & Donald are more interested in watching the other teams for hints rather than doing their own searching.

Before they can do the detour, Kynt & Vyxsin must first do the speed bump, where they perform a series of yoga poses.

The detour is a choice between paste ’em or thread ’em. In paste ’em, they must paste a 6 panel Bollywood movie poster to a wall. In thread ’em, they’ll go to a flower market and create wedding garland, threading 108 flowers in a pattern.

Paste ’em: Nicolas & Donald, Ronald & Christina
Thread ’em: TK & Rachel, Nathan & Jennifer, Kynt & Vyxsin

Rachel has experience with flowers and feels confident about the thread ’em task, which they complete pretty quickly. Nicolas & Donald likewise finish quickly. After starting the poster off too high to reach, Ronald mostly feels confident in his ability to yell at Christina, followed up by yelling at the judge. He reluctantly lets her take charge so it can be done right. Nathan & Jennifer very quickly get back to bickering. Kynt & Vyxsin appear to be back on track. Both of these teams finish within a couple minutes of each other.

TK & Rachel choose not to use the U-turn since they’re in front of the pack. Nicolas & Donald also choose not to U-turn. Ronald & Christina would have U-turned Nicolas & Donald but aren’t sure whether Nathan & Jennifer are ahead of them, so they choose not to use it. Whoever finishes first of the other two at the flower detour will probably be the one to use it. Despite finishing the final task last, Kynt & Vyxsin arrive at the U-turn first and foolishly waste it on Nicolas & Donald instead of Nathan & Jennifer, who they know for a fact are close to them. They pretty quickly realize this was a mistake.

The road block is navigating the streets delivering tanks of propane on a bike.

Road block: Nicolas, Ronald (despite his hernia), TK, Kynt, Jennifer

The pitstop is Bandra Fort. Nicolas gets sick on the way due to the physical exertion on the road block, even more reason why I’m wondering why the heck Jennifer’s doing it. Oddly, though, the physical part of the task doesn’t seem to be a problem for her. It’s actually reading the clue, which tells her to get receipts for deliveries (she also didn’t read the part of the clue about how to finish the detour). Lucky for them, Kynt is misled to believe the person accepting deliveries keeps a copy of the receipts, so he, too, has to go back and get all the receipts. Either way, Jen continues to whine and whine and whine.

First: TK & Rachel (win a trip from Travelocity)
Second: Nicolas & Donald
Third: Ronald & Christina
Fourth: Nathan & Jennifer
Fifth: Kynt & Vyxsin (eliminated)

Kynt & Vyxsin had a chance to turn this thing around but chose to U-turn the wrong team.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Amazing Race 12 Episode 9 I Just Hope He Doesn’t Croak on Us, which airs Sunday at 8:30/7:30c on CBS.

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