Kid Nation Episode 12

Taylor became a useful member of society in Kid Nation Episode 11, or so we were told. Her contributions, however short-lived they may be, were the result of a reward, one which distracted almost the entire town, an arcade that people quickly became addicted to. In order to get things under control, there’s a new sheriff in town, Sophia.

Sophia claims land in the center of town and tells people they must pay her to go on that land, primarily in an effort to screw with their minds. This is why I like Sophia.

The journal tells the council to head west and explore to meet some people who have been there for centuries. While they’re all gone, they decide on a plan to keep the town running. Sheriff Sophia will be in charge. Nobody in the town is happy. The town council isn’t concerned with the objections.

They see some teepees and meet up with Native Americans.

Back in town, the level of fear of Sophia is fading, and people are happy with the job she’s doing. Taylor hopes Greg gets lost on a mountain and a pack of coyotes eat him so Sophia can stay in charge.

At the showdown, each district will have their own homestead, complete with a house (four walls and a roof), chickens, an alpaca, and a flag. They must move everything west. This very physical challenge is missing the council, some of the more physical kids there. Red district gets off to an early lead. Green’s pretty close to them. Yellow may or may not be dying. Green’s first to build a house, and now red’s right behind them. Green district gets back with the animals and flag and edges out red for the win. Blue district eventually get it together and are the cooks. Yellow district finally figures things out and finishes at the buzzer.

Reward is a choice between monument of their efforts that will stay in Bonanza City forever, or a hot air balloon ride over the town. Since the council is not around, Sophia will choose on her own. The town heavily supports the balloons. She decides to choose the hot air balloons because it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

The town council returns in time for gold star nominations. Jared, Migle, and Alex receive nominations. Zach nominates himself, but Greg just laughs him off. His initial reaction is to leave crying, but he returns to confront them and tell them they’re terrible people. Greg pretends to be sorry, which makes DK angry. Greg wants Alex to get the gold star because he’s smart, something suggested by the people they met on their expedition.

This meeting starts off the same as the last one. The arcade continues to create problems. They decide to close it for good. In its place, they all gather around the camp fire and discuss how they need to cherish the limited time they have left in Bonanza.

Alex wins the gold star. He has a message that age doesn’t matter and that a 9 year old shouldn’t give up when faced with older competition.

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