Survivor: China Episode 12

James pressed his luck one time too many in Survivor: China Episode 11 and was booted off the island with two idols in his back pocket. We’re getting down to the nitty gritty now, with some of the key playmakers still in play.

They start talking about being homesick. So obviously the reward will be family visits.

Todd seems to be married to the current final four plan, though he thinks it would be smart to take him out.

Erik’s mom, Amanda’s sister Katrina, Peih-Gee’s dad Lawrence, Todd’s sister Brandy, Courtney’s dad, and Denise’s husband Robert are their partners for the reward challenge. Reward is a boat trip, meal, and phone call home from other family members, to be followed by an overnight visit at camp. Todd receives a message from his sister that his other sister had a miscarriage. Everybody’s blindfolded and must make their way through a maze to meet up with each other in the center. Denise and her husband are the first to meet up, and they’re really the only team to actually be in the running to win this. She must pick two people to go along with them: Todd and Amanda.

While they’re eating, Denise gets a call from her oldest daughter.

Back at camp, they’re more than a little skeptical of Todd’s story about his sister. It does smell of Fairplay, but he tells us he’s telling the truth.

Peih-Gee is pissed off that Denise didn’t return the favor by inviting her on reward.

Amanda says she doesn’t want to backstab anyone. Any more. They’re leaning toward dropping Denise in the final four because they know the jury’s as upset with Courtney as they are with them.

Denise has a chat with Peih-Gee in an effort to patch things up. At the end of the day, Peih-Gee really can’t afford to be mad at Denise.

At the immunity challenge, they are attached to a rope that runs the length of the course and must go through a series of obstacles, passing over/under them. At the end of the course, they’ll have a question and must pick the correct one and bring it back to the start. They need three questions right to win. Todd is the first to get a lock undone. Amanda’s right behind, and Peih-Gee’s still in this. Erik’s way behind but misses his first question anyway. Todd gets his next question right, but Amanda gets hers wrong and is now a long ways out of it. Peih-Gee gets her second question right. Todd gets his third question wrong, putting Peih-Gee in the lead. Peih-Gee wins immunity. Do they get rid of the country boy or turn on each other?

Todd thinks this vote is easy. He wants to vote out Erik. Peih-Gee and Erik will vote for Todd and try to get Denise to swing. They offer her final three. She thinks her odds of getting to the final three are better but doesn’t like her odds of winning as much should she get there. Peih-Gee has a lot of enemies, but Erik sure doesn’t.

Peih-Gee makes a very open pitch at tribal council. Denise acknowledges that she feels like she’s on the bottom of the four.


Erik has been voted out. He didn’t play a particularly aggressive game, but he was good at it nonetheless.

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