Kid Nation Episode 11

A new town council was elected in Kid Nation episode 10. Michael beat Laurel, Guylan quit and gave it to DK, Greg beat Anjay, and Blaine beat Zach. They came up with a plan to teach Taylor a lesson for refusing to work, but they were not willing to be mean enough to carry it out, so she promised she’d try harder.

Taylor thinks all the ugly animals should die. The town council agrees that some chickens need to die. However, Greg wants to kill the brown chickens, which Taylor considers the pretty ones, which therefore should stay alive. To prevent complete chaos, Sophia lets Taylor choose which chickens should die.

The pioneers suggest that the kids need to study. Because the showdown might have something to do with the history books about Bonanza City, the town council supports this. Taylor hates school and reading. Laurel’s okay with it. Jared doesn’t want to be flipping burgers at the supermarket.

Leila and Taylor don’t care what the council says about studying. They take off and go to the chicken coop instead. So the council threatens them. Again. Leila’s willing to listen, but Taylor doesn’t budge.

As expected, the showdown is about the history books. It’s a combination pop quiz/slingshot competition. Green gets the first point, following yellow’s incorrect belief that Pinto is a native American tribe. Blue ties it at 1, then takes the lead with a second point. So when did the Ewoks settle America then? Yellow gets their first point, and green ties blue with their second. Red finally gets a point. Green district gets a third point to become the upper class, thanks to Hunter’s excellent shooting. Now that they’ve figured out how to use a slingshot, red gets their second point. Blue are the merchant class. Yellow gets a point to tie red at 2, then a third to take third place. Red district is laborers.

In order to win reward, they must conserve ammo so that they have enough to fill a jar. Red district wasted a lot of ammo, but it doesn’t matter since the other districts nearly filled it. Reward is a choice between a library (Taylor’s unimpressed) and an arcade. Greg and Blaine push for the arcade. Michael would prefer the library. They decide to go with the arcade and tell Taylor she’s not allowed to play any of the games.

Green district goes to play in the arcade, except Sophia, who builds a library to replace the one they didn’t choose. Hunter checks it out for a bit but then goes back to cleaning up the kitchen.

Red district must haul water first. Now it’s Jared and Mike’s turn to disobey, and they decide to go to the arcade without finishing their jobs.

Taylor says she just needs to be treated with respect. Oh, that explains it. In an effort to get in the arcade, though, she does agree to wash dishes. After the dishes are done, without much help from the rest of her district, they allow her to go in the arcade.

Sophia wakes up to a ghost town. They’re all in the arcade. Despite the fact that she’s upper class and the yellow district are all in the arcade, Sophia decides to cook breakfast for everybody on her own. She confronts Blaine about this, and he’s gambling instead of cooking. DK gets angry and begins to question the decision to get the arcade.

DK, Sophia, and Nathan don’t approve of the arcade. Everybody else is happy with it. DK suggests padlocking it, and the rest of the council supports doing this. The kids must get a certain amount of work done in order to get into the arcade. The council elects Sophia as sheriff, and she will be responsible for enforcing this.

Hunter wins the gold star, the sixth member of the green district to do so. I’ve been expecting that for a while. He says he’ll give a lot of the money to his father, who lost his job a year ago.

Next week, the town council leaves, and Sophia’s in charge. Someone’s gonna get a beatdown.

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