Samantha Who – Season 1, Episode 7: The Hockey Date

Last week, Samantha tries her luck with a hypnotherapist. This week, her family and friends are trying to get her back into the dating world. She is now finding her special someone all over again. While Todd is spending more time with Chloe and Andrea is planning to leave for Rome with her new boyfriend, Sam is pressured to give her love life a chance. Of course, who would help her find the right guy than her mother.

Sam and Andrea picks up some clothes over Sam’s apartment, interrupting Todd’s date with Chloe. Trying to make him jealous, Sam tells Todd she also has “huge” date plans for the night. However, she only plans to play board games with Dena. Sam’s mother is confronting her about her “anti-socialism”, insisting on getting out and playing “the game”.

Due to her amnesia, Sam says she won’t be an interesting date because she had no idea of he she was. Luckily, the next day she stumbles on a potential date, Kevin, who was hired to work on her house. Obviously, Kevin immediately learned that he was hired to be an escort instead of her handyman when he was trapped with a candle-lit dinner. While conversing, Kevin reveals a few things about himself, while Sam can’t think of anything to share aside from her love for hockey. Although she shares a mutual love for the game, Sam can’t seem to remember anything about hockey.

The next day, Kevin shows up at Sam’s work, asking her to go with him to a hockey game. Sam desperately needed to re-learn everything about the sport, wherein her ex Todd became a great help. The two went to the stadium to learn hockey live, then met up with Dena and Andrea at the bar. As it turns out, Andrea’s boyfriend went to Rome alone and left her behind. Without Sam there to be Andrea’s shock-absorber, Dena was forced into listening to her rants.

In the meantime, while Sam tries to buy tickets for them (Todd and her), she learns she was banned from the stadium. This week’s flashback occurs: the old Sam faked a disability just to get free tickets. So instead of learning tickets, the two just went to a bar and ended up talking about their past relationship. A few hours have past and Kevin showed up at the bar. Sam decides to confess about everything and hope for the best that he’d still be interested. Well how do you know, Kevin was.

Sam finally caught up with her friends Dena and Andrea, the two were wasted and were pretending to be Canadian flight attendants at the bar.

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