Heroes Season 2 Episode 1

The suspense has been building for months following the Heroes Season 1 finale. There have been a lot of spoilers, and we know there are going to be a lot more heroes this season. Now it’s time to start answering some of the questions we were left with following last year’s cliffhanger ending. Let’s kick off another live Heroes blog, as we get into the second half of a jam-packed night here at dingoRUE.

Dr. Suresh starts off in a classroom discussing what he’s learned. Someone greets him after the lecture, and he’s there to offer him a job. The guy making the offer says he’s the only one who doesn’t think Suresh is nuts.

Next, two people (Alejandro and Maya, wanted for murder) are running from the cops. They hide in a building to escape. They’re attempting to escape to America. He’s optimistic, but she’s concerned.

Then Claire heads to her new school in California. She’s got a new last name, Butler, and is informed by her father (Noah) that she has to be entirely unextraordinary, not standing out in any way, including cheerleading. She says it would be easier if she had her own car, and coincidentally enough, he hands over the keys.

Shortly after that, she’s running through the parking lot and a guy, West, who she will meet up with later in class, has to brake quickly to avoid her.

Hiro, meanwhile, has dropped into a field in 1600s Japan, clearly a battlefield with a battle about to begin. Shortly thereafter, there’s an eclipse. Arrows are headed directly for him, but he stops time just before being hit. He happens to run into his hero, Takezo Kensei.

Parkman’s on the job in a hostage situation (turns out to just be a training exercise). Through his mind reading ability, he’s able to determine who’s actually the hostage and who’s the criminal, and he shoots the right one. He’s allowed to return back to the force.

In class, Claire gets an evil look from a girl who’s sure to hate her. She then is greeted by West, as she’s sticking her hand in the flame of a burner. Then the teacher begins speaking and asks a question about Charles Darwin. Claire knows the answer, which West picks up on, but she doesn’t raise her hand because her father told her not to do so.

Parkman picks up Molly (the human tracking system) after school, where her teacher stops him to tell him she’s been having nightmares, and she says his “situation” isn’t the most stable. She takes out some drawings Molly did that keep getting worse.

Ando and Hiro’s father are discussing Hiro’s disappearance, and a photo falls out of a newspaper. Hiro’s father reveals it means he’ll be dead within 24 hours.

Nathan’s a complete mess (though still believes his brother is alive), and his mother’s not happy about him not following the plan. He tells her she’s evil and kicks her out. She then gets a photo with the same marking as the one Hiro’s father got.

Hiro finds out that Takezo, his hero and the guy whose sword he stole, is actually a white guy. Takezo says that’s his name there but nobody’s called him a hero before.

Claire’s father now works in a normal 9-5 job with a boss on an ego trip who thinks he’s more important than he actually is.

Dr. Suresh meets with the guy who ran into him earlier, who has a theory that he can decide who lives and who dies. He’s got the funds to assist Suresh in the research and isn’t concerned about money because he can make gold.

When Parkman asks Molly about her dreams, she turns from sweet little girl into demonchild, letting him know he’s not going to get an answer from her.

The guys who are transporting Alejandro and Maya get into a disagreement with Alejandro because one of them wants Maya up front with him. He beats up Alejandro, leaves him, and takes off with Maya.

In gym class, the head cheerleader is picking on a girl. Claire steps up and offers to do a backtuck off the tower to get them to stop picking on the other girl. She climbs the tower but says she can’t do it. She does it after everyone leaves and injures herself, which obviously isn’t a problem. However, West walks in, he knows what she did, and he knows she’s special.

At night, Parkman sees Molly struggling while she’s sleeping. He uses his abilities to try to figure out what’s wrong. She’s wakes up but is afraid to tell him anything out of fear he’ll get killed.

Claire’s father gets sick of his boss and uses his powers on him to frighten him into leaving him alone and stop going on ridiculous power trips.

Takezo reveals he’s an Englishman. He then reveals he’s fighting for money, since he can’t spend honor. Hiro’s completely disillusioned by his hero. Otsu village is pillaged and burned by bandits, and Hiro believes he broke history, breaking the future as well. Hiro tries to convince Takezo he must rescue the swordsmith and make his daughter fall in love with him, thereby fulfilling his destiny and becoming a hero. This is greeted with a punch in the face. Hiro’s got his work cut out for him, as Takezo mostly just wants to get drunk.

Claire pretends her first day was uneventful. Her father responds exactly the same. He then gets a phone call from Suresh, who reveals the whole thing with him earlier was just a setup and that they’re working together to bring the company down.

Alejandro returns to the van to realize what he feared. The truck has been burned, everyone’s dead, and Maya’s sitting on the side of it crying.

Claire calls Nathan. She’s afraid she can’t not be who she really is. He’s of no help and hangs up. From outside her window, West is watching her… flying through the sky.

A hooded man comes to get Hiro’s father. He charges him off the building and kills him. Ando shows up a split second too late.

Three men in Ireland are searching a building for some iPods. They don’t find what they’re looking for but do find something everyone else has been looking for: Peter Petrelli, with a case of amnesia.

To be continued…

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