Heroes Episode 23 Finale Recap – Live!

Lady’s and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, welcome to the night’s main event! It has been months in the making, riddled with plot twists, character changes, flash backs and future episodes, but the day has finally come. Heroes episode 23 airs tonight, marking the season finale and end of the hit TV shows first season!

As much as I’ve been wanting for months to know how everything comes to an end, I can’t help but be sad thinking that tonight will be the last full episode of Heroes for who knows how long. Season two has already been confirmed by Tim Kring, but as far as I know they have yet to even begin filming the hit TV shows second season.

Tonight’s season finale of Heroes on NBC is guaranteed to be fantastic as everything will finally come together and we’ll finally learn whether or not the cast of Heroes will be able to stop an exploding man.

Stay tuned for the Heroes episode 23 live blog, starting at 6pm PST/9pm EST!

Let’s get this baby started. Find out what happens in Heroes episode 23, live after the jump!

  • Things kick off with a Mohinder narrated recap of all the episodes that have lead up to the season finale. Highlighting all the key events that have led us to where we are now.
  • Kirby Plaza Building, NY – Replay of DL getting shot by Linderman. DL killing Linderman. Guards break in to the room and DL phases himself and Jessica through the wall.
  • HRG kills Thompson and finds Molly. Mohinder pulls a gun on HRG, HRG holds a gun on Molly. It’s a stand off. Molly recognizes Matt. Matt tells her no one is going to hurt her. HRG and Mohinder lower their weapons.
  • Hiro and his father are on the street, talking about how Ando ran away with the sword to try and kill Sylar. Hiro wants to go after him. His father tells him not to. Hiro’s father allows him to go after Ando. Gives Hiro his sword and Hiro transports himself somewhere.
  • Sylar is at Isaac’s studio, using his abilities to paint pictures of what is to come. The paint seems to come alive and enact what may happen as he stares at the canvas. Awesome!
  • Nathan at his campaign office, watching his speech on TV with his mother. Nathans mother tells him Linderman is dead, someone killed him in his office. Nathan’s mother tells him though the plan was Linderman’s, they must continue with the plan. Nathan reassures his mother things will not change.
  • Jessica and DL are searching Linderman’s building for Micah. Jessica leaves DL behind.
  • HRG and Mohinder hide Thompson’s body. HRG tells Mohinder about the organization he used to work for and how it has become corrupted. Mohinder is dedicated to protecting Molly. Mohinder tells HRG he is responsible for saving her, his anti-bodies did it.
  • Claire calls HRG, tells him she’s with Peter, Ted is dead, Sylar killed him. HRG talks to Peter, tells him he is the only person that can stop Sylar now that he’s got Ted’s powers as well. HRG is going to use Molly to track Sylar so Peter can go after him. HRG is entrusting Peter to keep Claire safe through everything.
  • Peter pulls into a parking garage where Nathan is waiting. Peter thinks he can trust Nathan still, Claire isn’t buying it. Peter says he’s afraid and they need Nathan to help them. Peter is reading Claire’s thoughts, she keeps repeating he lied to her, she trusted him.
  • Peter tells Nathan the bomb isn’t him, it’s Sylar. Peter asks for Nathans help to track down Sylar and try to stop everything. Nathan tries to convince Peter to protect Claire and let her go. Peter reads Nathan’s thoughts and realizes Nathan is going to go through with everything, Nathan was lying. Claire gets out of the car and runs away. Claire runs into Nathan’s mom! Peter turns invisible and runs around searching for Claire, he can’t find her. He’s in the middle of the street and is starting to lose control of Ted’s powers. He passes out in the middle of the street!
  • Molly isn’t feeling well. HRG wants to know how long it’ll be before she can track someone down. She says she can do it, she can find the boogeyman. Molly says she can find almost anyone, but there is only one person she can’t find and if she thinks about him, he can see her, so she doesn’t like thinking about him. Hmmmm, who could it be? Molly flips through an atlas looking for Sylar, she pinpoints Isaac’s loft. HRG goes to call Claire.
  • Nathan and his mother are walking are in arm with Claire in the parking garage. Nathan’s mother steals the phone away and tells HRG they’re taking her away to keep her from harms way. HRG asks to say goodbye to her. HRG tells Claire to go with Nathan and his mother for her own safety, but to try and escape as soon as she’s safe and away from the city. HRG asks where Peter is, she doesn’t know. They tell each other they love one another and Nathan’s mother takes the phone away.
  • Matt is going after Sylar, even though HRG told him not to.
  • Peter wakes up in the middle of a greenhouse on top of the Devaux building! He looks out and sees himself with Simone’s dad and Simone shows up! Peter introduces himself as Simone’s father’s new caregiver and they talk. What the heck is going on here? Peter looks out and watches as his mother and Simone’s father sit, drinking tea. They’re talking about Linderman and the plan! His mother calls him weak, and tells Simone’s father that the bomb is going to go off and Nathan is going to be the one to put things together after it all. Simone’s father knows Peter is there watching!!!!!!
  • Ando walks into Isaac’s studio, sword drawn. He walks towards one of the paints, slips on blood and Sylar appears behind him. Sylar throws the sword across the room and holds Ando against the wall with his powers. The 9th Wonders comic falls from Ando’s pocket. Sylar picks it up, reads it and laughs at how his demise is predicted by Isaac. Hiro appears, pulls the sword out of the ground and challenges Sylar. Hiro teleports to beside Ando and then teleports away before Sylar even has time to know what happened.
  • Nikki is searching for Micah and walks into the room with Jessica sitting on the couch. Jessica says she’s too late and points to Micah, lying dead on the ground behind the couch.
  • Matt enters Isaac’s studio, looks at the paintings and sees the blood on the floor. He notices a painting of Peter and Sylar face to face and runs away.
  • Mohinder is packing up to run away with Molly, Sylar is coming. Molly tells Mohinder Sylar is already there!
  • Nathan and his mother are in the office with Claire. They tell her there is nothing they can do to stop the future from happening. Nathan and his mother tell Claire that Peter will not die, he will use Claire’s ability to heal after exploding and killing millions of people. Nathan’s mother promises her everything she’s ever wanted, a place to live, a family, everything. Claire says she already has a family and jumps out the window! Nathan and his mother look on as she stands up on the street below, heals herself and runs away.
  • Jessica is beating the crap out of Nikki. Glass breaks and Nikki looks into a piece on the floor, Jessica looks back at her and tells her it’s not her that she’s fighting! Nikki uses Jessica’s power, punches the other Jessica and she hits the ground and turns into Candice! Micah disappears from the ground and calls Nikki from the other room. Nikki breaks down the door to another room and it’s Micah, alive and well!
  • Mohinder and Molly are looking around trying to escape. They try to use an elevator and it isn’t working. They come across DL laying bloody on the floor and Mohinder stops to help him as Molly looks out for bad guys.
  • Hiro and Ando appear in their old office in Tokyo. Hiro tells Ando that he must go back and fight Sylar now. Ando says he has to go with him and Hiro tells him he cannot, he must go back alone. Ando tells Hiro that he is now a Hero. Hiro tells Ando he will be back and, just before teleporting away, Ando tells Hiro he looks bad ass.
  • Simone’s father and Peter are talking on the top of the Deveaux building. Simone’s father tells Peter that he’s had the power, he’s always had the power and there’s always been a good one to look after everything, and he’s the one. HRG shakes Peter awake and they’re in the middle of the street again.
  • Peter tells HRG to leave the city for his own protection. HRG refuses. HRG says he will shoot Peter if needed, for everyone’s protection. HRG tells Peter to call him Noah!!!!! We finally have a name for HRG! Noah Bennet!!!!!
  • Mohinder is helping DL. Molly warns him that someone is calling. Nikki and Micah come running around the corner. Nikki rips the door handle off to stop the bad guys. Micah uses his powers to fix the elevator. Elevator shows up and they all escape.
  • Peter and HRG arrive at the Kirby Plaza building. Sylar is no where to be seen. Peter tells Noah that he must be hiding in plain sight as Sylar appears and throws Noah across the plaza against the wall. It’s on!!!!
  • Sylar uses his powers to strangle Peter. Matt appears and starts shooting. Sylar stops al the bullets and throws them back at Matt. Matt is toast! Mohinder, Nikki, DL, Micah and Molly run out of the building. Mohinder runs over to hep Matt. Sylar pulls a parking meter out of the ground with his powers and winds up to hit Peter with it. Nikki grabs it out of Sylar’s hands and smokes him in the stomach with it. Peter beats up on Sylar as he laughs. Peter starts to glow, using Ted’s powers. Sylar tells Peter he’s the villain, Sylar is the hero. Hiro appears and stabs Sylar through the chest. Sylar uses his powers to throw Hiro across the plaza and Hiro teleports away. Sylar’s eyes flash with things that have happened as he dies(?). Claire runs up, takes the gun from Noah and walks up to Peter. He’s losing control of his power and Claire holds the gun on him. Peter tells her to shoot him and Nathan flies up, lands in front of her and stops her from shooting Peter. Nathan grabs Peter and flies into the sky as everyone watches. Peter and Nathan explode in a giant ball of flame in the sky, sending shockwaves rippling through the clouds.
  • Claire and Noah hug. Nikki, DL and Micah hug.
  • The cops show up and take Matt away. Molly tells him not to die, he’s her hero.
  • Mohinder’s monologue begins as Noah wraps Claire in a blanket and tells her “let’s go home”.
  • The camera focuses in on a long streak of blood running across the Plaza to a sewer drain, Sylar is still alive and escaped!
  • The screen reads End of Volume one!
  • Volume Two begins!
  • Episode 1 “Generations”
  • Hiro falls from the sky and lands in a field. He looks around and sees a group of Samurai warriors in red training their bows on him. Another Samurai in blue appears, rivalling the red samurai’s. Everyone looks up as the sky turns black with a solar eclipse (the Heroes logo)!
  • To be continued…

Wow. There you have it, the end of Heroes volume one and the start of Heroes volume two! I can’t say I’m too surprised with how things turned out and I’m actually kind of disappointed with it all, it could have been a lot better. It was damn good, but it could have been so much better. Either way, judging by the brief glimpse we got of volume two, it’s going to be another awesome season!

Stay tuned for more on Heroes volume two on NBC!

In the meantime, if you missed tonight’s episode, watch Heroes online!

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12 thoughts on “Heroes Episode 23 Finale Recap – Live!”

  1. Cool Ending!!!

    What about the cockroach over the blood stained manhole cover. They showed the cockroach exactly when Mohinder said “We are not alone…” It was Mohinder who said that if the creator choose to create his image on Earth it would be a cockroach. Go back and review the entire 1st season. That cockroach has appeared at least three times. Anybody remember Kafka?

  2. Sylar didn’y actually die, or at least it doesn’t look like it. Hiro appeared behind Sylar, called him and as Sylar turned around, Hiro charged him and rammed his sword through his chest. Sylar fell to the ground and appeared to die, only in the final scenes of the episode, where Sylar fell to the ground there was nothing more than a pool of blood with a long blood streak leading to a nearby open manhole. It looks to me like Sylar is still alive and managed to escape into the manhole. So he’s most likely going to be around for Heroes Season 2 “Generations”.

  3. Perhaps the one person that molly is afraid of came out of the sewers to claim sylar’s body. i personally think sylar is dead. the show needs new heroes and villains. peter and sylar made all the other heroes less special by being able to steal their powers. with both gone, each hero is unique.

  4. I assumed Sylar died, but who knows. We’ll have to wait and see. I hope they find ways to bring more excitement to the show. I want it to go on as long as possible!!

  5. I’m pretty sure Sylar is still alive, though they have said one main character from the first season will only be reappearing in the second a few times and my guess is that character is Sylar. I think Heroes season 2 will bring about a much more powerful evil, the person Molly talked about as being the only person she doesn’t like to track because they’re scary.

  6. i think that was by far the best thing that i had ever seen as far as that season was concerned wow!!the best part was the whole nathan saying”im not leaving you peter” and then peter goes “i love you nathan” and nathan goes “i love you too are you ready?” i wept for ages that was the sweetest that i had ever seen nathan he actually has a soft spot

  7. Ok I have many questions
    why did Nathan came and helped Peter? why didnt Claire shoot him? why was she even crying that she’s gona shoot him, he can regenerate he won’t die! how come Nathan flew with his brother and after the explosion we see him in season 2, isnt he supposed to be dead?

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