On The Lot Winner

The combination of Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett sounded like a great one. I kept watching (mostly online), but most people didn’t. Still, this ended up being an enjoyable show, regardless of the low turnout.

After the final four showdown in On The Lot Episode 14, I was hoping for a final three battle, but last week we were instead treated to just a recap show, with each director showing his favorite two films. We also learned that Sam Friedlander was the final person to be eliminated, leaving us with a final three of: Will Bigham, Jason Epperson, and Adam Stein. Stick arround for a live blog to find out who the On The Lot winner is.

In the finale, we get to watch the movies that the final three liked the most from the other directors. Adam picks Zach‘s Die Hardly Working. Will chooses Hilary’s Under The Gun, the sperm bank robbery movie. Jason’s pick is Mateen’s Catch, with the undercover cop from action week.

Adam is the first person to be eliminated from the final three. So the final two comes down to Jason and Will, which was to be expected.

And the On The Lot winner is… Will Bigham. The prize is a million dollar movie deal with Dreamworks. The show concludes with Will meeting Steven Spielberg for the first time.

While it was an interesting experiment that was fun to watch, it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing any more of this show. The past two weeks, it’s dipped down to the 2 million viewer range, following fairly weak ratings throughout the summer. If it does return, though, can we get rid of Adrianna Costa?

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