On The Lot Episode 14 Recap

At this stage of the game, nobody feels safe. Jason thought he was in danger because his movie in episode 13 was horrible. Zach at least felt better than he did last week. The bottom two came down to Sam and Zach. Zach ended up being the one to get the boot. Despite being a huge favorite early, his movies haven’t had the same oomph to them recently, but I still think he’s the best one there. Regardless, I don’t think this is the last we’ve heard of Zach Lipovsky.

This week’s guest judge is F. Gary Gray, director of The Italian Job. Garry Marshall is back. The winning logline entry for this week’s movies is: a man wakes up and finds himself in a dress but can’t remember what happened.

The Yes Men by Will Bigham
Description: A group of employees come to work to find their boss wearing a dress.
My Thoughts: Good concept well executed, highly entertaining.
Carrie: It was a talkie. Great look, great spirit.
F. Gary: Funny, all out with style, maybe less music and a little more at the end.
Garry: If one person is funny, it’s usually he’s funny. If all the people are funny, it’s usually the director.

Dress For Success by Sam Friedlander
Description: A chauvinistic boss is taught a lesson by his employees.
My Thoughts: Like Jason’s movie from last week, I didn’t get it. While it was more easily understandable, it seemed like a weak concept.
Carrie: Derivative, not original.
F. Gary: Felt like two different movies.
Garry: Derivative, needed a faster pace.

Army Guy by Adam Stein
Description: A soldier wakes up in a really strange house.
My Thoughts: Really strange is right. Over the top strange. It made sense after seeing the ending, which showed the basis of a great idea, but the beginning was two minutes to long to get to that.
Carrie: One of the most innovative, freaky, fantastic films of the competition.
F. Gary: Brave, inventive.
Garry: Ambitious, quite artistic.

Oh, Boy by Jason Epperson
Description: A story of revenge from a high school feud.
My Thoughts: Similar concept to Sam’s but with appropriate execution.
Carrie: Nice spirit and humor, relateable.
F. Gary: Getting better, really funny but safe.
Garry: You know how to deal with the power of kindness.

Judges Picks:
Carrie: Army Guy by Adam
F. Gary: Army Guy Adam
Garry: Army Guy by Adam

My Pick:
The Yes Men by Will. Good from start to finish and just kept improving.

Sam suggested that the real race was between him and Adam because the other two were safe. I’d have to agree with that, but then again, that’s what I thought last week as well. However, I’d be very surprised if Sam survives yet another week. With Zach out of the running, the other guy who’s been my favorite from the beginning, Will, now becomes the odds on favorite to win, but it’s still anybody’s game.

On The Lot episode 15 airs on Tuesday at 8/7c on Fox. Stay tuned for a full recap of the show right here on dingoRUE.com.

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