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After what had to be one of the shakiest starts to a reality TV show I’ve ever seen, On The Lot has seemingly found its spot in the Fox television line-up. Ratings for the show are by no means fantastic, but the important part is that the show is still chugging along and things are looking promising!

Although, I do have to admit that last weeks episode 6 was a bit lacking, in fact, it wasn’t very good at all, due in large part to the directors short films.

Contestants Andrew Hunt, David May, Shira-Lee Shalit, Marty Martin and Kenny Luby were the “lucky” directors to premiere their films last week and, of all five short film premieres, only two were any good. Those of course were Polished by Andrew Hunt and Dance with the Devil by Marty Martin.

Based on last weeks films, my pick for the next director to get the boot is Kenny Luby. His “film” Edge on the End was more like a poorly made music video than a short film. I liked the cinemetography and how it was filmed, but it just wasn’t a short film.

So, with that being said, lets get down to business.

On The Lot
June 19, 2007

The extra special guest judge for episode 7 of On The Lot is an old school master of horror. He directed, produced and wrote the Nightmare on Elm Street series, the Scream series, the original Hills Have Eyes series and a number of classic Twilight Zone episodes, Mr. Wes Craven!

The five directors on the chopping block tonight are Andrew Hunt, David May, Shira-Lee Shalit, Marty Martin and Kenny Luby.

The next director eliminated from On The Lot is… Marty Martin!

Wow… Instead of leaving it until the very end this time around, they got it out of the way right out of the gate and they made a terrible decision. Sure Marty copped an attitude last week, defending his work, but his work was a great deal better than most of the other filmmakers works.

The films debuting tonight are:

Glass Eye by Will Bigham
A story about a guy that loses his glasses eye, only to find an entirely new perspective on the world without it.
My Thoughts: Took me a while to get it at first, but once I did it was really funny. Totally original concept for a short film and very well filmed. Great use of color and black and white photography.
Judge’s Thoughts: Carrie thought it was a very sweet film, loved the spirit, but still looking for the dialogue. Wes thought it was really fun, very original and cinematic. Garry said he had a good eye, but be careful of wardrobe (apparently a guy wearing a wife beater means he’s going to stop and slap his wife mid-way through the film, according to Garry).

Blood Born by Jason Epperson
Description: A troubled kid discovers he has a miraculous gift.
My Thoughts: Actors weren’t that great, dialogue seemed akward and forced. Really good idea for a short film, but the main characters inept acting made it hard to focus on the content of the movie. The ending was very good though.
Judge’s Thoughts: Carrie liked it, but was confused by it, message wasn’t clear. Wes thought it was confusing and the moral wasn’t clear. Garry said it was uplifting.

Sunshine Girl by Zach Lipovsky
Description: A little girl is scared of the dark.
My Thoughts: Interesting premise for a drama. Very well filmed and the slight special effects were a great touch. Overall I really liked it, but he has done much better.
Judge’s Thoughts: Carrie thought it was a simply story, told simply, that’s really nice. Wes thought everything was beautiful. Garry said the music was a little sappy, but overall it was very good.

Lost by Mateen Kemet
Description: A story about the most important thing a person can lose, love.
My Thoughts: Shakey photography, very shakey in some scenes. Good job by both leading actors. The story in general; however, was slow and boring, though the end was a good touch.
Judge’s Thoughts: Carrie thought the dialogue and writing was good, but it needed more. Wes thought it was good, but the story was confusing and poorly executed. Garry said he understood the story, but he needs to open the shots more and film from further back.

The Orchard by Jess Brillhart
Description: A horror film taken from a tree’s perspective.
My Thoughts: Good use of mood setting sound effects. Very cool cinematography. However, weird concept for a film with no real storyline.
Judge’s Thoughts: Carrie said it wasn’t scary at all, it was outright terrible. Wes didn’t see it as a horror. Garry said it was a good idea and it was just the beginning, but it needed more to make sense.

Judges Picks:
Carrie Fisher – Sunshine Girl by Zach Lipovsky
Garry Marshall – Sunshine Girl by Zach Lipovsky
Wes Craven – Sunshine Girl by Zach Lipovsky

My Pick:
Sunshine Girl by Zach Lipovsky was very well done and an interesting idea for a movie, but knowing Zach’s work both on an off the show, I don’t feel it was his best effort. My favorite film of all the night’s debuts was Glass Eye by Will Bigham. It was the most original of all the night’s films, it was well filmed and as a whole, was the best short film of the night.

There you have it! Another successful episode of On The Lot comes to an end.

On The Lot episode 8 airs on the Fox Television Network on June 26 at 8/7c. Stay tuned for a full recap of the show right here on dingoRUE.com!

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