the Biggest Loser 3 Recap: Episode 10 – One Blue To Rule Them All

the biggest loser 3 recap episode 10

the Biggest Loser 3: Episode 10

November 30th, 2006 – It’s down to the final 6 contestants on the Biggest Loser 3, and the only thing that stands between us and the season finale is another episode, next week’s episode 11.

But let’s not get to far ahead of ourselves now, we still have tonight’s episode 10 to contend with. Don’t get me wrong, I’m chomping at the bit to find out who’ll be the Biggest Loser 3 winner, but I enjoy writing these recaps to much to toss them aside until the finale. So, without further adieu, I present to you, the meat and potatoes!

Find out what you missed in episode 10 of the Biggest Loser 3, after the jump!

Well, he did it, whether you agree with it or not, he did it. Though many likely consider it a cardinal sin, Erik took strategy to heart and was responsible for eliminating his last blue team comrade-in-arms, Marty, in episode 9 of the Biggest Loser 3. Naturally, when blue trainer Bob Harper showed up and noticed Marty was eliminated, it hit the fan. Bob was pissed and really got into it with Erik, but of course, neither of the two would agree or even admit to understanding the others point. Bob was even driven to choke back the tears he was so frustrated and disappointed with Erik’s choice. Whether he made the right move strategically or not, only time will tell. One thing is for sure though, now that he’s the last blue member around, and he’s the only Biggest Loser Bob has left to train, you can bet he’s going to ride him twice as hard. I almost feel sorry for the guy… almost.

Over in red world, things are looking a little more on the chipper side. Red trainer Kim Lyons pulls her team into the kitchen and teaches them all how to many a yummy, healthy, low-fat holiday dinner. It looked to me like the main points were nothing more than Splenda instead of sugar and egg whites instead of whole eggs, but I’m sure there had to be more to it. The team threw together an entire healthy holiday dinner by swapping the mashed taters for mashed yams, switching the sugar in the pumpkin pie with Splenda and the eggs with egg whites. Healthy or not, the meal looked absolutely fantastic and the red team sat down for their very own healthy holiday dinner. Um… I’ll be back in about 20 mins. I have a sudden craving for pumpkin pie. Yum!

the Biggest Loser 3 Reward Challenge

  • Today’s reward challenge takes the Biggest Loser teams to the legendary Santa Anita race track in sunny California, where each Loser will be put to the test!
  • Each contestant must strap the equivalent of the weight they have lost back onto their bodies in the form – you guessed it – weights.
  • Once fully strapped up, each Loser must run one full around the 1-mile long race track, while dropping weights onto corresponding barrels along the way. (ie. Drop 1 is equal to the amount of weight lost in the first week, Drop 2 is equal to the amount lost in the second week, and so on, until each contestant has dropped all their weights and hit the final straight away.)
  • What are they playing for, you say? Why a full day with their loved ones, of course!

Right out of the gates Wylie takes a strong lead, while Jaron and Erik bring up a close 2nd and 3rd respectively. Though it isn’t long before the big man Erik starts to slow, and Adrian over takes him for 3rd place. Wylie was still in a commanding lead, this is, of course, until his weight fell off one of the barrels and he had run back and put it back on top of the barrel again. It’s a mistake that cost him big as Jaron took over 1st place, while Adrian was close behind to knock Wylie back to 3rd. The contestants round the final corner and Jaron is still in the lead with Adrian in a tight second and gaining, and it was at about this time Adrian tried to guilt Jaron into letting her win by saying how much she missed her family, ect. Luckily Jaron didn’t buy into it and powered through to the end, winning the reward challenge and the opportunity to spend a full day with his lovely wife! Yay! Way to put that whiny brat in her place.

No time is wasted and once everyones back to the Biggest Loser ranch, Jaron’s wife arrives to spend the day “visiting.” He introduces her to everyone – sort of – Wylie chats it up with her for a bit and then that’s that, time for the last chance workout, and boy was it a doosy. Red trainer Kim Lyons takes her team out for the usual run/jog/hike workout, which Jaron’s wife actually joins in on, while blue trainer Bob Harper beats the crap out of Erik, metaphorically speaking. Both groups put everything into the last chance workout and go at it hardcore, but Bob was throwing everything he had at Erik, and the best part? He was taking it all, soaking it all up, and as much as he probably hated it at that moment, he’d sure love it later! Go Bob! Kick his butt!

the Biggest Loser 3 Weigh In

  • 223lbs – Jaron (down 8lbs – 3.46%) – 100lbs total weight loss!
  • 174lbs – Heather (down 5lbs – 2.79%)
  • 189lbs – Kai (down 9lbs – 4.55%) – Highest weight loss for any woman in Biggest Loser history!
  • 224lbs – Wylie (down 12lbs – 5.08%)
  • 161lbs – Adrian (down 2lbs – 1.23%)
  • 295lbs – Erik (down 12lbs – 3.91%) – 112lbs total weight loss, highest in Biggest Loser history!

With a dismal 1.23% and 2.79% weight loss, both Adrian and Heather fall below the dreaded yellow line of doom and extend their necks across the chopping block.

Adrian pulls her usual routine, whining and crying to red trainer Kim Lyons about how she’s still fat, how she’s never going to get out of the 160’s, blah, blah, blah, ect, ect. On the polar opposite are Erik and blue trainer Bob Harper, who was blown away that Erik could pull out such huge numbers for yet another week. After some brief celebrating between the two, it’s down to business and time to prep for next week, episode 11 and the last episode before the Biggest Loser finale!
the Biggest Loser 3 Elimination Ceremony

  1. Kai votes for Adrian
  2. Jaron votes for Heather
  3. Erik votes for Adrian
  4. Wylie’s vote is not revealed (even if the votes tie, Adrian would still be booted as she had the lowest %)

So, there you have it, the whiny new girl is gone. Farewell Adrian! I can’t say I’ll miss you at all, but best of luck!

the Biggest Loser Club

Adrian came to the Biggest Loser ranch weighing 227lbs. When she was eliminated, she weighed in at 161lbs, for a total loss of 66lbs since the start. She currently weighs in at 166lbs, 5 lbs more than she did when she left; however, she’s still exercising multiple times and day, is feeling fit and healthy and is looking good. Good work Adrian! You’re annoying as hell, but you tried your best.

There you have it! Gone is another episode of the Biggest Loser. Stay tuned! December 7th will be the episode 11 recap for the Biggest Loser 3. In the meantime, check out some of the other reality TV recaps offered by

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