City of Richmond Concerned About Firefighters’ Underwear

This has to be one of the weirdest stories I have read in a long time. The City of Richmond quite literally wants to get into Firefighters pants.

Apparently Richmonds firefighers are a tad on the neolithic side and have been under some scrutiny as a result of allegations of sexual harassment coming from female firefighters. In the hopes of curbing any sexual harassment allegations, the City of Richmond has decided to waste $16,000 of tax payers money to buy 6 pairs of new boxer-style underwear for all of its firefighters.

How is this going to curb sexual harassment allegations you ask? Why it will make the firehalls more gender neutral of course! Yeah… right. Those must be some pretty fancy boxers to make a firehall gender neutral. I watch Rescue Me, I know what firehalls are like, and no underwear, no matter how fancy, can make that kind of place gender neutral.

“We supply firefighters with various pieces of gear such as gloves, now it’s underwear,” city official Ted Townsend told the Vancouver Sun, saying it was part of the “integration of the sexes in the workplace.”

I’m sorry, but I’m still just not getting it. How the hell are making firefighters wear boxers going to make the firehall any more of less gender neutral? Excuse my stupidity, but I’m just not seeing it.

Firefighters strip off most of their clothes in order to don protective gear when responding to fire alarms, although Townsend said the city is considering buying gear that can be put on over regular uniforms.

Have you ever tried to put any kind of protective gear or suit on over top of regular clothes? It doesn’t work very well and it’s uncomfortable as hell. You always get one pant leg and one shirt arm that rolls up funny and gets super annoying.

Personally, I could think of better things to spend $16,000 of the tax payers money on. To bad Richmond can’t seem to figure that out.

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7 thoughts on “City of Richmond Concerned About Firefighters’ Underwear”

  1. Someone in an issue of 24 Hours made a good point for this.

    If you multiply the number of richmond firefighters by six pairs and by the average price of a pair of boxers, you get a bill of about $3,000.

    Where’s the rest going?

  2. Must be some fancy ass boxers after all. They’re probably getting underarmor boxers or something stupid that runs $30 a pair.

    Since when does government spending ever make sense?

    Its quite possible the $16,000 is broken down as:

    $3,000 for boxers
    $10,000 female staff members to research firefighters in boxers
    $3,000 to cover any sexual harrasment lawsuit as a result of the above research

  3. Looks like Adult Diapers. When I saw the link to “medieval underwear” I thought instantly of something made of chainmail – now that wouldn’t be comfy at ALL :p

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