Marilyn Manson in the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Rumour has it, the anti-christ superstar himself, Mr. Marilyn Manson, has been approached by Fox to play Frank N. Furter in the upcoming remake of the 70’s cult classic, the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

There are two things that came as a big shock to me when I read about this:

  1. The fact that they are planning to remake the Rocky Horror Picture Show, this is the first time I’m hearing about it and, for god knows what reason, Fox is involved in the project!
  2. Marilyn Manson as Frank N. Furter. I just don’t see him as a Frank N. Furter character. Sure he can cross dress no problem and act psychotic, we’ve all seen that, but he just doesn’t give me a Frank N. Furter feel. If anything, I would see Marilyn more along the lines of a Riff-Raff, but that could be my personal bias coming out. Riff-Raff has always been my favorite character.

Like I said to begin with, it appears this is only a rumour and speculation at this point. To the best of my knowledge no one has confirmed anything, though it is certainly something I will be keeping an eye out from now on.

I first watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show at a young age and fell in love with the movie, as so many others have. I went so far as to insist that it be the movie my friends and I all watched for my 11th-ish, I forget for sure, birthday. You can imagine how that went over with a group of kids that age. I guess it probably explains a lot about who I’ve become today, now that I think of it, lol. Oh well, screw ’em all, it was an awesome movie then and still is now.

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4 thoughts on “Marilyn Manson in the Rocky Horror Picture Show?”

  1. well i can imagin Marilyn Manson as frank’n’ferter. like wise rocky horror is one of my all time fav omvies. i hope he is going to star in the remake. and i look forward to seeing it. please feel free to leve a comment on my website. and i would just like to say that marilyn manson is simply the best, hes a champ. and go riff raff!! lol i love the way he dances. lol…

  2. so two years later and the rumors are still flying. I loved this when i was 16 after it came out at the movies just so hapened i knew a guy that looked just like him frankn furter but with out the make up which made it more so entertaining. But if they do do a remake to keep the element of the film they have to cast someone that is a star not marilyn manson that would totaly destroy it. some one that can sing too a charactor actor of course Johnny Depp would be unreal and anne hathoway big name actors that would fit the part maybe tom cruise and katie holmes Johnny Depp now wouldnt you want to see him in a corset he has played diferent parts befor gotta love captain jack sparrow or willie wonka. Dont make it a punk goth smuttie thing. Marilyn Manson cant even sing

  3. If this isn’t a rumor I’m going to be really pissed. I first saw the movie when I was like 12 and it was the live thing It was aamazing it’s been one of my favorites since and if they make this I’m gunna have a cow. Marlyn Manson isn’t that amazing anymore I loved him whe I was like 11 but now he’s notthing sepcial and deffinitly not Frank n Furter

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