Pete Doherty Drugs Kids

It looks like British rocker and Baby Shambles frontman Pete Doherty may have finally bought himself a one way ticket to jail, hopefully. This guy has been caught with drugs so many times it’s amazing that he’s yet to spend a single day in jail. Though this time, Pete has gone to far.

Pete Doherty was reportedly caught in the adolecent addiction unit of the rehab center he currently resides in giving cocaine to one of the teenagers that’s there to kick the addiction. Now, Pete has done some pretty screwed up things in his time, like drugging an already passed out person on camera and squirting a syringe full of his own blood at a reporter/cameraman during an interview, but this is just evil. He’s already thrown his life away and now he’s trying to destroy a teenagers life when they’re trying to get back on the right path again, good work man, real class act as always.

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  1. what about the new murder he commited…can he go scott free..he was present there ..the matter is hushed..I was present in the party..

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