Web Radio: Vancouver Based Rant Radio Rocks!

The advent of web radio was and still is a fantastic thing. Many a day have I lost myself in the wide variety and eclectic selection of web radio stations while plugging away at the computer.

Rant Radio, now one of the older web radio stations, has been around since 1999/2000 and, though it’s base of operations has moved around, it has always been local to Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. I’ve been a fan of Rant Radio for many years now, since early 2000 to be precise, and it was in the IRC channel associated with the radio station that I first started talking to, my now wife, Chrys. Had it not been for Rant Radio and it’s fantastic selection and rotation of music, I may never have met my wife. Thanks Guys!

Rant Radio has evolved in numerous ways over the past few years and now encompasses an Industrial music station, a Talk station, a Punk station, and even a streaming web tv station known as Rant TV.

What initially drew me to Rant Radio was not only it’s great selection of Industrial music, but a weekly “talk show” that aired every Monday (I think?) night, entitled the “What The Hell Show“, featuring the loud-mouthed, out spoken and entertaining Sean Kennedy, “The Fuckin’ Man”, as he refered to himself.

Rant Radio has developed a very strong fan base and appeals a great deal to the subversive and anti-media enthused people drowning in todays society. A very strong community of people has developed around and because of Rant Radio, and it’s really quite inspiring.

By far one of the best features of Rant Radio, that is an unfortunately rare occurence in todays world, is the fact that it is 100% ad free and relies on fan support. Whatever donations and fan support can cover the cost of, which is not a lot, Rant Radio creator and producer James O’Brien, better known as Cimmerian, pays for out of pocket.

Though having received numerous advertising offers, and even the odd full sponsorship offer since it’s inception, creator and producer James O’Brien refuses to let his station become just like any other and will not allow it to become saturated with advertising and sponsorship, the likes of which has made traditional radio almost unbearable. Rant Radio was started as an ad and sponsorship free station and will remain one as long as it exists.

Check out and support the ad free Vancouver based web radio station, Rant Radio.

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