Big Brother All-Stars Elimination: James Gets the Boot

George and James were both nominated for elimination on Tuesday’s episode of Big Brother All-Stars.

The voting begins:

Erika votes to eliminate James.
Dr. Will votes to eliminate James.
Danielle votes to eliminate
Janelle votes to eliminate James.

James is eliminated 3 votes to 1.

James comes out to speak with Chenbot and takes his elimination very well, unlike Howie did last week. Side Note: I never noticed James had a lisp until tonight. James will be joining Howie and Marcellas in the Big Brother All-Stars Sequester House.

James is shown the farewell videos made by the other house guests and Danielle vows to take down the Chill Town alliance for eliminating James.

Head of Household Competition:

The game is entitled “but first” and the house guests begin standing in the middle of a 3 step staircase. The house guests are read 2 events with “but first” seperating them. They must determine if X did or didn’t happen before Y and then step up the stairs for a Yes/True or down the stairs for a No/False.

George and Janelle are knocked out first question.

Will and Danielle are knocked out on the second quetstion.

That makes Erika the new Head of Household.

At the end of the show Chenbot assembles the house guests and has a chat. It is revealed that Chicken George has lost 20lbs on his strict slop diet. The Chenbot also announces that Sundays show will be one weeks worth of shows combined and will see 2 house guests eliminated. Should prove to be interesting.

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