Celebrity Smack Puppy Needs Love

celebrity smack puppy needs loveSpicy over at Celebrity Smack is trying to help out a beautiful boxer puppy named ‘Dallas’. This poor guy had his leg hurt some how and his previous owner was to much of a dick to get it checked out and decided to dump him somewhere instead. So not only has Dallas’ leg healed all gimpy, he got abandoned too. Luckily the Lone Star Boxer Rescue picked him up and have been looking after him ever since. However, they don’t have a whole lot of money and do the work for the love of the animals. As such, they’re reaching out to animal lovers out there to make a donation and help to get Dallas all fixed up so he can run and play with his buddies again.

If you can spare anything or would like to donate anything, please check out Lone Star Boxer Rescue‘s website and drop some change in their jar.

I also apologize to everyone for making this kind of sob story post, but I’m an animal lover and I hate to see things like this happen, especially due to the lazyness and just utter lack of care and heart on the owners part. There are some terrible people out there, how they can just dump their animals in the middle of no where is beyond me, especially when they’re as cute as Dallas, look at that face! šŸ™‚

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