Kyle XY Cancelled

According to Variety, ABC Studios has cancelled the only ABC Family show I currently watch (or intend to watch). Word has it that the network is following The CW strategy of trying to attract mostly young females. Kyle XY will presumably finish out its abridged third season.

Prison Break Cancelled

This has been expected for some time due to the struggling ratings, and Fox confirmed it today. Prison Break will air its final four episodes (possibly more) starting Friday April 17 at 8/7c (yes, Friday). The good news is that we can hopefully expect a worthwhile conclusion since it’s planned out well in advance.

Lipstick Jungle Not Cancelled (Yet)

Despite recent reports that Lipstick Jungle was cancelled NBC has come out saying it may have been a bit premature to say that for sure. Ben Silverman, NBC Entertainment co-chairman, indicated to the New York Times that there is still some hope.

The show, which was recently moved to Fridays, has started to show signs of life, which has further been boosted by a 50% increase with DVR viewings included. With that, the network plans to finish the entire current 13 episode run and may order more if it “grows more.”

Fortunately for Lipstick Jungle, it is among the highest rated among high income households. But, should the show be given a full season order, its first run ratings will have to increase for it to have a chance of surviving for another season, as it does not rerun well.

Lipstick Jungle Cancelled

Sophomore drama Lipstick Jungle has been cancelled by NBC. After struggling in NBC’s weak Wednesday lineup, the move to the Friday night deathslot made Lipstick Jungle’s cancellation a matter of time. Its latest Friday episode finished at 3.34 million viewers and 1.2/4 in the demo with a weak Crusoe lead in not helping it any. Its final Wednesday showing behind reliable Deal or No Deal was 4.19 million viewers with a 1.6/4 among adults.

My Own Worst Enemy Cancelled

Less than two months into the new season, freshman series My Own Worst Enemy has been cancelled. MOWE failed to gain any ground over (also cancelled) previous time slot occupant Journeyman and was down to just 4.25 million viewers and 1.8/5 in the demo in its latest showing, nearly half of what a slowing Heroes lead in managed. Whatever NBC puts in that time slot won’t work, unless they stick Deal or No Deal there.

King of the Hill Cancelled

Fox will be cancelling King of the Hill after its current 13th season finishes. Co-creator Greg Daniels has moved on to The Office, while the other co-creator Mike Judge will be working on another animated series The Goode Family for ABC.

For its part, Fox will be launching two new animated series for midseason: The Cleveland Show (a Family Guy spinoff) and Sit Down, Shut Up. Presumably, the network will try to keep the Sunday night animated block alive.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

TRL Cancelled

MTV has decided to cancel TRL, Variety reports. Total Request Live originally premiered September 14, 1998 with host Carson Daly.

Since Daly left the show in 2003, its popularity has declined. Last year, it was decreased from five shows per week to four, as its viewership average dropped below 400,000.

The final episode of TRL will air on a Saturday afternoon in November.

Never fear. Although TRL was one of the few shows on MTV that actually showed… music… Feedback New MTV (FNMTV), also a music video themed show, will be returning as TRL goes off the air.