Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 6

Despite the fact that James was barely able to walk, the Heroes ended up voting out Tom in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 5 instead.

Candice voted the way the rest of the tribe voted, although she knew it wasn’t the right move.

Russell hopes to convince Rob that he’s on his side, even though he isn’t. Rob wants him to know he’s out of his league.

Treemail is a little vague. There’s a reason for that. They will be competing as individuals to win immunity for themselves. Both tribes will be going to tribal council, and both will run the challenge separately. Each person will be tethered to a rope and must maneuver through a series of obstacles. The two winners for each tribe will then compete individually to win hot dogs, fixings, and soft drinks. Coach, JT, and Tyson previously competed in this challenge. JT got beat by Tyson in the end. Heroes go first. James is trying, and somehow he’s off to the lead, although it doesn’t last. Candice is through the first section first. JT is behind her. Candice wins individual immunity. Villains are up next. Boston Rob is the first one to get through the first section with Tyson right on his heels. Russell’s behind them. Boston Rob wins immunity. Now Rob and Candice will make the run at the course for reward. This one has a third level and is three times as high. Rob’s leading right at the start and retains his lead throughout. Villains win reward.

The Villains have decided to target Parvati, but hope they can get Russell to use the idol. Russell knows they’re going to vote Parvati. He wants to give her the idol tonight.

Colby knows his neck’s on the chopping block. He realizes where the numbers are, and James with his braced up knee managed to outperform Colby in the challenge. His message to everybody is to not worry about scrambling. Just enjoy the afternoon before voting him out. James doesn’t like that Colby seems to have just given up.

Despite that, there’s even more talk about getting rid of James. It would seem it’s all for show considering if they really wanted to get rid of James, they would have done so last time. Amanda warns him to prove himself and stop eating so much food. As proof he can still compete, James races JT across the beach, but he loses to a backward running JT.

Rob’s warning is that they need to split the vote. He knows they’re coming after Tyson. Problem is he’s telling his plans to Coach, who doesn’t want to work with them.

Russell would be okay with a three way tie. He thinks that would be genius, albeit perhaps not smart.

The Villains will be having their tribal council first, after which they will eat and watch the Heroes.

Sandra’s certain Russell has the idol, and if he doesn’t, he’d better look for it.

Russell stands up at tribal council, but he’s not going to play the idol. Rather, he hands it to Parvati. So she plays it. As smart moves go, that’s not one. Better her going home than him. Nonetheless, it sure is a bold and interesting play.

Parvati (does not count)
Parvati (does not count)
Parvati (does not count)
Parvati (does not count)

By a vote of 3-2, Tyson has been voted out. His own stupid fault for switching up the vote and voting for Parvati rather than Russell. Props to Russell for fooling Tyson into feeling comfortable with him.

Heroes get to vote next as the now full on hot dogs Villains head back to camp.


I don’t get it. Why now and not instead of Tom? Anyway, James heads out for a second time with an injury.

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Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 5

The hidden immunity idol turned into a game changer in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 4. Trying to force a tie and throwing three votes toward Tom and two toward Colby, the majority of the tribe was outnumbered when JT flipped to help vote out Cirie.

When he gets back to camp, JT tries to convince his tribe that he did it for them and not for himself. He swears to Amanda that he just got rid of Cirie when he had the chance.

The villains try to keep a straight face while Coach teaches them some “dragon slayer chi.” Everybody except Russell, that is, as he’s looking for the hidden immunity idol instead. He’s not even pretending to hide this fact. Having searched for two days, Russell finally manages to find the idol.

For the challenge, three members of each tribe will battle for balls and toss them up to the others who will try to score baskets. The winning tribe will enjoy a feast of chocolate. Jeff offers up some free samples. While the women have difficulty controlling their hormones at this offer, the heroes say they don’t want any. Sandra, Courtney, and Parvati sit out for the villains. Colby sits out for the heroes. In the pit, Danielle, Tyson, and Russell go against Candice, James, and Tom. On the platform, Jerri, Coach, and Rob square off against JT, Amanda, and Rupert. It’s obvious that this will be a very physical battle. With that said, James goes down, and he’s out at least for this challenge. Amanda scores the first point to give the heroes the lead. They reverse positions with the people in the pit shooting and vice versa. Tyson scores on this exchange to tie at at 1-1, but not in time to prevent Rupert from man handling Jerri. They switch positions again. Jerri scores the final point to give the villains the win. James will be sticking around to have medical look at his leg.

Boston Rob says they’ve gotta vote for Russell, since that’s the only way to flush out that idol. Russell reveals to Parvati that he’s got the idol, which is a relief to her since everybody believes she’s an evil mastermind. His plan is to blindside Rob. He next approaches Coach to try to pull him into their alliance. In Coach’s typical overreaction, he bows down to King Russell.

Amanda’s crying about James, an indication that whatever she may say about past relationships should be taken with a grain of salt because she’s going to stick with them. JT and Rupert assume the worst. Tom is not entirely opposed to a James elimination. This may play in his favor. The end result is that James returns, braced up but walking on his own. However, they don’t know what’s wrong with him, and he’s moving very slowly. Candice is worried that he’s now just dead weight.

For the immunity challenge, one person will be the caller, while the others are blindfolded and paired up. The caller will direct the others to collect ten puzzle pieces scattered in the field. Then they’ll have to solve a puzzle. We know how this is going to go. Colby, Rupert, Jerri, and Boston Rob have done this challenge before. Tyson and Danielle sit out for the villains. Jerri and James are the callers. Not the ideal role for James to fill, but it’s the smartest thing to do at this point. Both tribes have returned with their first three pieces. Villains jump ahead with 5, which the heroes briefly tie. Villains go back up with 7. It’s eventually tied 8-8. Then 9. Both tribes have one piece left, right next to each other. Heroes are the first to get to it and start the puzzle first while the villains roam around for some time. Villains return to start off their puzzle late, hoping their past performance in puzzles will repeat again. Villains win immunity.

Heroes realize that they’re not gonna win at puzzles. Or shooting baskets. Or anything that’s not sumo wrestling.

Tom and Colby want to get rid of James. Rupert and James want to get rid of Tom. Candice tells Rupert this is a stupid idea. So maybe they should vote her out instead. JT agrees the logical move is to get rid of the injured guy. He tells both sides he’s with them. Not a way to gain any trust, but it is a way to live to see another day.

This leads to another heated exchange at tribal council about who is or is not causing the tribe to keep losing over and over again.


By a vote of 5-2, Tom has been voted off the island. As dumb a move as I’ve ever seen in this game.

As a reminder, March Madness is coming up. That means no Survivor each of the next two Thursdays, but the next episode will air on Wednesday March 24 instead.

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Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 4

The villains lost in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 3 and voted out their outcast Randy.

Coach remains overly upset about what seemed like nothing at tribal council. He starts crying and says he’s sensitive. Surely this is all part of his act. This whining goes on a while before his giant ego returns.

They’re finally stopping that one challenge per show silliness. The reward challenge is to slide down a slippery course to retrieve a numbered ball. Once they have the ball, they’ll toss it in their baskets. Reward is two products from Sears. Heroes chose a tackle box and fishing pole and a kitchen set. They’re hoping to catch and prepare food. Villains chose a tool kit, tarp, twine, and multifunction tool. History has shown us this should help Boston Rob make an awesome shelter. Parvati sits out for the villains. Coach and Tom go first. They’re neck and neck as they head to the baskets, where Coach scores. Russell and Cirie go next, and Russell quickly gains the edge and takes the lead 2-0. Courtney and Candice are next. Both women get to their balls quickly before Courtney starts flailing about, but it it’s all moot since Candice scores on her first toss. Jerri and Amanda go next. It’s a close race to the basket, where Jerri takes the lead 3-1. Sandra and James are the next pair. Could they have picked a more lopsided contest? James makes it 3-2. Danielle and Rupert are next. They’re even at the baskets, and Rupert scores to tie it 3-3. Colby and Tyson are the final match. Colby quickly makes his way down the course, but Tyson sinks the basket. Villains win reward.

They don’t just get the tools, though. Russell spots something in the saw. He thinks it’s something that holds the blade in place. Nope. It’s a clue to the hidden immunity idol. Boston Rob suggests going to find it as a group, and Sandra says that they need to throw it in the ocean because whoever gets it is marked. Russell has an alternate plan. He’s gonna find it. He sneaks off. Poorly. The rest of the tribe knows what he’s up to, and they’re not happy about it, though they let him be on his merry way and keep searching.

The heroes also get a clue, hidden in their coffee. Their plan is different than the villains. They all want to search on their own and hope to save themselves. Tom, standing directly next to someone, finds the idol. Nobody notices. Well, not until he gets up and adjusts his pants, drawing Amanda’s suspicion in the process. Whether this was intentional or not is unclear because Tom plans to use the knowledge that she knows as leverage to get into the alliance.

For the immunity challenge, one person will be strapped inside a giant ball and guide two blindfolded tribe members through a course to a table maze. The person must then guide four other blindfolded members through the maze. This is the only challenge ever not completed because it was stopped due to a medical emergency. Courtney and Sandra sit out for the villains; Cirie sits out for the heroes. Boston Rob gets in the ball for the villains to guide Coach and Tyson; Tom gets in the ball for the heroes to guide Rupert and James. Villains are the first to arrive at the maze, but the lead is not overwhelming. The ending is extremely close with both teams hovering right near the hole. Villains win immunity.

Colby and Tom are the low men on their totem pole, despite the fact that getting rid of them would not be the wisest move since they are in need of some wins. Since Tom has the idol, this will require some planning. There are 8 votes. Tom and Colby voting one way would require everybody else to vote 3 for one and 3 for the other. This would either force a tie or eliminate Colby in the event that Tom plays the idol.

JT suggests Candice instead. Tom and Colby are trustworthy. Tom’s promise to JT and Amanda is that he won’t use the idol against them. He can give it to them if they want.

Cirie tells Amanda not to be stupid. These two guys wanted her gone desperately. Now they want to join her.

Since Cirie’s the puppetmaster, Tom proposes a new plan. Get rid of her. JT, Tom, and Colby makes three votes. Tom plays and burns the idol, and she goes if they split their votes.

Jeff doesn’t quite understand the wisdom of voting out strong people. Rupert says he may not be making the best move, but he’s going to keep his word anyway.

Tom plays the idol, prefacing his decision with his hope that he didn’t have to use it until they were willing to use it against the villains.

Tom (does not count)
Tom (does not count)
Tom (does not count)

By a vote of 3-2, Cirie has been voted off the island. It just got interesting.

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Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 3

In the midst of a heroes tribe implosion in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 2, Stephenie was voted off the island.

The heroes are pretending as if they all get along, or at least they’re trying.

JT apologizes to Tom for not having voted along with him. Although Tom feels betrayed, he thinks maybe JT will be able to give him something of a lifeline.

Boston Rob has a tip: watch who people are sleeping with. They’re not going to be sleeping next to the guy they plan to vote off.

Coach says that Russell is walking on very thin ice because Parvati is the most dangerous player on the island. Russell doesn’t take this warning very seriously. Parvati has grown to trust Russell, even though he’s kind of a lunatic.

Russell’s plan to take control of the camp: bury the machete.

Randy has gone out into the water and caught a giant clam. Nobody else is interested in eating it or particularly impressed. With the machete missing, though, he’s going to have to open it with a rock. Once he does open it after much effort, Parvati and Sandra do come up to get some food.

JT is worried that Candice is bigger strategist than he anticipated, so he tells Cirie that she doesn’t trust her. Hearing that, Candice confronts everybody.

The immunity challenge is to square off next to a mud pit with a heavy bag. Reward is luxury items, coffee, and a week’s worth of rice. Courtney and Sandra sit out for the villains. Tom and Russell start things off. Tom gets the easy win. Parvati and Candice go next. Both fall into the mud, but since Candice is on top, heroes take the 2-0 lead. Coach and Rupert are next. Coach wins initially but takes his arm off the bag, so they have a redo in which Rupert takes the 3-0 lead. Cirie takes Jerri down to take the lead 4-0. JT and Tyson go next as the rain is coming down. JT scores again for the heroes. Danielle and Amanda are up next. Amanda puts the heroes up 6-0. Colby and Boston Rob go next, with Colby winning a very physical battle. In what’s probably the final battle, James goes against Randy. James easily wins, and the heroes win immunity. The heroes better hope for more physical challenges like this and no more puzzles.

Randy senses he may be in danger. He fears the other guys are falling for the girls. His target is Parvati because she’s going to meet up with James, Cirie, and Amanda on the other side.

Tyson’s argument is that Randy is not dangerous because he doesn’t have any friends on either side. The counterargument is that Randy’s the weakest link.

True to form, Sandra doesn’t care who goes home as long as it’s not her.

Jerri joins the anti-Parvati bandwagon, hoping to punch her in the face at some point.

Coach says that there’s nobody out there that’s honorable. Except for him. Well, he pretty much needs to be slapped again.

Sandra tells Jeff that sometimes Coach tries to be a leader, then he wanders away. A fair assessment, which Coach takes offense to and blows out of proportion.

Rob has no hope that his tribe will change after tonight’s vote. There’s no sense of urgency to improve camp life.

Boston Rob

Knowing he was done for seeing as he cast a vote Rob’s way, Randy has been voted off the island. He doesn’t particularly seem to mind, not having felt part of the tribe anyway.

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Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 2

The heroes were the first ones to have to face Jeff in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 1, and they opted to vote out Sugar, their weakest link.

Boston Rob continues to get tired of his tribe, which seems content just sitting there in the rain and suffering. He’s on the buffoon tribe again, although that ended up going quite well in All Stars. Courtney hopes he doesn’t drop dead in the next few days because otherwise she’ll have to depend on these fools, thereby killing them all.

Randy doesn’t get why they keep redoing the shelter, seeing as it keeps getting worse each time they tear it down.

Rupert would like to get rid of Stephenie because he does not trust her. She considers him to be annoying, and thinks he may just be trying to get rid of her.

Rob decides to walk away from his tribe, fed up with this whole shelter building debacle. Eventually, he collapses. Jerri discovers him, and he asks for help. Medical comes in to take a look at him and give him some water. They say he looks worse than he is. His realization during all this is that he needs to stop trying to be the good guy, and instead be the villain like everybody expects.

For the challenge, each tribe must collect crates and use them to build a staircase spelling out their tribe name. They are playing for immunity and a tarp, rope, and nails. Villains sit out Courtney and Randy. Because this runs in pairs, the heroes sit out Rupert. JT and Cirie start out for the heroes; Danielle and Boston Rob start off for the villains. Heroes are the first to return. The villains were doing a good job at first but slowed down. Candice and Tom go next for the heroes, followed by Tyson and Sandra for the villains. Colby and Stephenie head out next for the heroes. Jerri and Coach are about to get lapped by the heroes. James and Amanda go fourth for the heroes, followed by Russell and Parvati. JT and Tom go back out for the heroes, followed by Rob and Tyson. James and Colby grab their final crate, giving the heroes the edge heading into the puzzle. Russell and Coach return with their final crate. Boston Rob takes control of his tribe, while JT assumes the leadership role for his tribe. The heroes quickly become a lost cause once again. With much effort and hopes that nobody gets crushed, villains win immunity and reward. James snaps at his tribe because they were not listening to JT.

James continues his anger back at camp. Not clear how this is doing him any favors.

Boston Rob’s becoming the hero, which Russell views as a challenge. His response is to chase after a chicken and catch it.

James’ newfound philosophy is that Stephenie is bad luck because her tribe (the first time) lost everybody but her.

Tom’s hope is that Cirie and Candice will join him, Colby, and Stephenie to take control of the game. A good plan for both sides. What about Amanda? Well, the plan is to get rid of her first.

Candice feels like she’s on the bottom regardless of which way she goes.

Cirie says that she’s not really tight with Amanda. They may have made it to the end, but Amanda chose Parvati instead, costing her a million dollars.

At tribal council, an argument breaks out. More of the same nonsense from earlier.


With 5 votes, Stephenie has been voted out of the tribe, if you can call it that. Episode 2, and these guys are already falling apart.

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Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 1

Last season, Russell was robbed by the most bitter jury in the history of the game, which is why he’s around this season and they’ve all been forgotten. For season 20, Survivor is back for another all star season, which usually means an entertaining cast that knows how to play the game. The Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Cast consists of 20 previous contestants more or less broken into two groups of 10 heroes and 10 villains.

Heroes: Amanda, Candice, Cirie, Colby, James, JT, Rupert, Stephenie, Sugar, Tom
Villains: Boston Rob, Coach, Courtney, Danielle, Jerri, Parvati, Randy, Russell, Sandra, Tyson

Tom’s not in as good of shape as he was the first time, but he should be able to hang in there with most of these people. Colby mentions something about wondering if he’s still got it (at age 35).

Boston Rob says that these people will get rid of him right away if they’re smart, but they won’t. They never do.

Russell wants to make sure he doesn’t get too starstruck, although to be fair, he certainly earned his way on this season, proving to be better than most everybody else there. He’s happy to be playing the game with people who respect the game.

Jerri feels like Mother Teresa considering who she’s teamed with.

We start off right away with a reward challenge. They will go two on two. Both pairs will dig up and race back with a bag. Then four people will battle for one bag. First tribe to three will win. Reward is fire. Wow, that’s damn early. Stephenie & Cirie go against Parvati & Danielle. Cirie digs up the bag and is quickly jumped. Danielle eventually grabs the bag and breaks free to bring the score to 1-0. Stephenie’s shoulder is already dislocated, after the very beginning of the very first challenge. Medical comes to take a look and pop it back into place. She says the villains are brutal for doing this to her, somehow forgetting Cirie’s linebacker moves. Amanda & JT go against Randy & Jerri. Jerri finds the bag, and she’s jumped by JT before she can even get the bag out of the sand. JT easily outruns Randy to tie it 1-1. Colby & Tom take on Coach & Russell. Coach’s strategy is to just hang back and watch to jump at whoever digs it up. Russell grabs the bag. He attempts to toss it to Coach, but that doesn’t work. It’s not long before they’re twisted in a four man pretzel. As Russell and Tom keep each other occupied, Colby begins dragging Coach toward the mat. Coach turns things around and drags Colby toward his mat to take the lead 2-1. Sugar & Candice go against Sandra & Courtney. Courtney and Sandra grab the bag, but Candice notices them before they can get it out. Candice starts dragging Courtney toward the goal, but Sandra stops their progress. Sugar grabs it and tosses it forward. A topless (thanks to Sandra) Sugar breaks free to tie it 2-2. James & Rupert go against Tyson & Boston Rob for the final point, which has the potential to be an impressive battle but ultimately favors the heroes. Boston Rob sits back to watch. Tyson finds the bag and is jumped before getting it out of the sand. James grabs the bag and makes an easy score to win reward. Rupert thinks he’s broken his toe.

Russell starts talking right away. His first target is Danielle, who I still don’t remember. This worked for Natalie last season. From there, he promises Parvati final two as well. She knows he’s talking to everyone, but better to work with him than against.

Sugar defers to the two oldest men on building the shelter. You watched the last All Stars, right? Jerri would probably tell you not to let Rupert build your shelter.

The heroes notice they’ve got chickens, so they all surround them with a fishing net. This strategy proves effective, as they catch all four of them.

Coach says that he likes Jerri because she’s a different type of girl. So Parvati and Russell play Cupid. Whatever happens, it appears they’ve formed an alliance.

JT approaches James to make an alliance, although he doesn’t see how he could beat him in the final two. Colby warns Candice to keep her eye out for those two. In turn, she says that James and Amanda played together, and so did Tom and Stephenie. They don’t know very much about Cirie, except that she was also on the same season as Amanda. Amanda’s concern about that is that she and Cirie were together in an alliance last time all the way to the end, and she doesn’t want people to think that’s the same thing again.

Tom and Stephenie are already allies since they played together briefly before he got rid of her. That said, he’d rather be up against another winner in the end, so he approaches JT.

Boston Rob’s not very happy with his tribe. He can’t get why nobody there wants to do anything for more than ten minutes. He wants to build a fire so they can compete with the heroes. Randy says they should just blow that idea off, rather than wearing themselves out. He has a valid point. In the history of Survivor, only one person has started a fire without man made materials (glasses or a telescope), that person being Hein, a bushman in Survivor South Africa: Malaysia. Nonetheless, Rob insists on trying. With the assistance of Russell, Tyson, and Randy, Boston Rob is the first person in the US version of Survivor to make fire by rubbing two sticks together.

Seeing as his toe’s broken in at least two places, Rupert intends to just be a worker bee, rather than heading out into the ocean. He shaved half the magnesium off the flint, and he still can’t get the fire going. Cirie sits and watches him do it, not wanting to get in the way of his ego. He walks away briefly, and the fire’s going when he returns.

Rob starts climbing a tree. He eventually decides that it’s not worth risking falling, and he figures someone else is full enough of themselves to try anyway. That someone would be Coach. Sandra bets Boston Rob a dollar he doesn’t make it, and she says Rob is someone she could see herself aligning with. Coach doesn’t get very far before hopping down.

Sugar needs a protector. Colby perhaps? Whatever her plan, it’s getting on everyone’s nerves since she’s chatting with them late at night while they all just want to sleep.

Before heading to their first immunity challenge, the heroes decide to kill one of the chickens.

For the immunity challenge, six tribe members will assemble a boat and use seven planks to keep it together. They’ll paddle out, grab a torch, paddle back, remove the planks, and bring them back to the start. The four remaining tribe members will then solve a puzzle and then use the planks to build a ladder to put it in its appropriate spot. Heroes are getting their boat together pretty quickly, as the villains struggle behind them. Heroes paddle out and grab their torch before the villains finally get it together. Ultimately, it does come down to who can solve the puzzle first, but the villains have dug themselves a pretty sizeable hole. Amanda, Cirie, Sugar, and Rupert don’t seem like the best puzzle solving crew. Rob and Sandra are doing a good job working together, while Randy and Jerri sit there watching them take the lead. The heroes are stuck on square one. Villains complete their puzzle first and win immunity and flint. Sugar’s crying right on cue. Colby doesn’t think they’ll miss much getting rid of her.

Rupert says the heroes were a little cocky, so maybe they should have gotten knocked down.

Sugar suggests that Amanda should go, no reason given. JT and Cirie say they’re onboard. She tells us that she wants to break up Amanda, Cirie, and James. JT goes to Colby, who obviously would rather get rid of Sugar. Stephenie and Candice are thinking the same.

When the Sugar vote seems like a done deal (and it probably is done anyway, but they have to present an alternative scenario), Tom says he’d prefer to get rid of a strategic player, Cirie, rather than someone who’s just a follower.

It doesn’t end there. Cirie, Candice, and Amanda would like to break up Tom and Stephenie. Cirie agrees that Sugar may be annoying, but she’s not a threat (which in turn makes her a threat because they can just keep dragging her along to the end). They’d like to get rid of Stephenie, even though she’ll contribute to challenges. Rather than this break up idea, they may want to consider an alliance, enough to carry them all to the end.


With 6 votes, Sugar is the first person voted off the island.

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Jeff Probst Returning for Survivor 21, 22

What’s Survivor like without Jeff Probst? We won’t need to answer that question for at least another year, although I’ve found Survivor ultimately entertaining television regardless of who’s the host, but there’s no doubt Probst brings a lot to the table.

Jeff Probst confirmed on Twitter that he has renewed his contract for another year, which will take him through the midseason 2011 season.

“Survivor fans: I’m jazzed and wanted to share with you guys first -I’ll be back snuffing torches for two more seasons (21&22) of Survivor,” he tweeted.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Cast

Survivor season 20 is an all-star season, and the Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains cast of 10 heroes and 10 villains has been revealed.

Amanda Kimmel (3rd China, 2nd Micronesia)
Candice Woodcock (8th Cook Islands)
Cirie Fields (4th Panama, 3rd Micronesia)
Colby Donaldson (2nd Australian Outback, 12th All-Stars)
James Clement (7th China, 7th Micronesia)
Jessica “Sugar” Kiper (3rd Gabon)
JT Thomas (winner Tocantins)
Rupert Boneham (9th Pearl Islands, 4th All-Stars)
Stephenie LaGrossa (7th Palau, 2nd Guatemala)
Tom Westman (winner Palau)

Benjamin “Coach” Wade (5th Tocantins)
Boston Rob Mariano (10th Marquesas, 2nd All-Stars)
Courtney Yates (2nd China)
Danielle DiLorenzo (2nd Panama)
Jerri Manthey (8th Australian Outback, 10th All-Stars)
Parvati Shallow (6th Cook Islands, winner Micronesia)
Randy Bailey (8th Gabon)
Russell Hantz (3rd Samoa)
Sandra Diaz (winner Pearl Islands)
Tyson Apostol (8th Tocantins)

First thing we see is four winners. JT is forgettable but likeable enough to possibly go a long way. Sandra could last a while considering she’s not a threat. Tom is likely to go early as a physical, albeit not mental, threat. Parvati proved to be a smooth operator in Micronesia, but I would expect her to be underestimated regardless.

Then we get into people who should have won but didn’t, generally thanks to bitter juries. Colby, although for being dumb enough to throw away the game, he deserved to lose. Stephenie controlled her second season, but it could be argued that her “fame” amongst the newbies was a major contributing factor. Either way, I’m just glad Bobby Jon isn’t coming back. That’s all I need is to listen to him whine about how Stephenie lied to him once 5 years ago. Boston Rob owned All-Stars, but at least his wife was a useful player and an acceptable winner (too bad she’s not coming back and going on the heroes side against him). Unlike last season where Russell, the dominant player who was the only reason to watch each week, lost because a bunch of idiots voted for somebody who did nothing instead.

Of the 20, 9 of them will be receiving their third shot. I can’t say as I’m opposed to it, though. At least they know they have a good cast.

Okay now. Candice? A hero? Granted, she wasn’t exactly a villain either, so I guess they just stuck her somewhere randomly, but she’s the one who got sent to Exile again and again and again because Ozzy and his crew were whining that she flipped on them. Then there’s Cirie. I guess she could be considered a hero seeing as she survived despite being so far out of her element, but we’re stretching things a bit to get to that conclusion.

On the other side, there’s Danielle. Whether she’s a hero or a villain or whatever, I had to look her up. Then you have people like Courtney and Randy, who were not so much villains as just annoying. And of course there are people who are just mentally unstable (Coach).