Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Cast

Survivor season 20 is an all-star season, and the Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains cast of 10 heroes and 10 villains has been revealed.

Amanda Kimmel (3rd China, 2nd Micronesia)
Candice Woodcock (8th Cook Islands)
Cirie Fields (4th Panama, 3rd Micronesia)
Colby Donaldson (2nd Australian Outback, 12th All-Stars)
James Clement (7th China, 7th Micronesia)
Jessica “Sugar” Kiper (3rd Gabon)
JT Thomas (winner Tocantins)
Rupert Boneham (9th Pearl Islands, 4th All-Stars)
Stephenie LaGrossa (7th Palau, 2nd Guatemala)
Tom Westman (winner Palau)

Benjamin “Coach” Wade (5th Tocantins)
Boston Rob Mariano (10th Marquesas, 2nd All-Stars)
Courtney Yates (2nd China)
Danielle DiLorenzo (2nd Panama)
Jerri Manthey (8th Australian Outback, 10th All-Stars)
Parvati Shallow (6th Cook Islands, winner Micronesia)
Randy Bailey (8th Gabon)
Russell Hantz (3rd Samoa)
Sandra Diaz (winner Pearl Islands)
Tyson Apostol (8th Tocantins)

First thing we see is four winners. JT is forgettable but likeable enough to possibly go a long way. Sandra could last a while considering she’s not a threat. Tom is likely to go early as a physical, albeit not mental, threat. Parvati proved to be a smooth operator in Micronesia, but I would expect her to be underestimated regardless.

Then we get into people who should have won but didn’t, generally thanks to bitter juries. Colby, although for being dumb enough to throw away the game, he deserved to lose. Stephenie controlled her second season, but it could be argued that her “fame” amongst the newbies was a major contributing factor. Either way, I’m just glad Bobby Jon isn’t coming back. That’s all I need is to listen to him whine about how Stephenie lied to him once 5 years ago. Boston Rob owned All-Stars, but at least his wife was a useful player and an acceptable winner (too bad she’s not coming back and going on the heroes side against him). Unlike last season where Russell, the dominant player who was the only reason to watch each week, lost because a bunch of idiots voted for somebody who did nothing instead.

Of the 20, 9 of them will be receiving their third shot. I can’t say as I’m opposed to it, though. At least they know they have a good cast.

Okay now. Candice? A hero? Granted, she wasn’t exactly a villain either, so I guess they just stuck her somewhere randomly, but she’s the one who got sent to Exile again and again and again because Ozzy and his crew were whining that she flipped on them. Then there’s Cirie. I guess she could be considered a hero seeing as she survived despite being so far out of her element, but we’re stretching things a bit to get to that conclusion.

On the other side, there’s Danielle. Whether she’s a hero or a villain or whatever, I had to look her up. Then you have people like Courtney and Randy, who were not so much villains as just annoying. And of course there are people who are just mentally unstable (Coach).

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