James “JT” Thomas Jr Survivor Tocantins

James “JT” Thomas Jr
Age: 24
Hometown: Samson, AL
Occupation: Cattle Rancher

James JT Thomas Jr Survivor Tocantins

A cattle manager raised in Samson, Alabama, JT operates a registered Angus Cattle Ranch. In addition to preparing the land and working the cattle, this southern charmer is responsible for all the paperwork and marketing associated with running the business.

This ambitious 24-year-old gets fired up when people insult his intelligence and says “I’m not a dumb hillbilly, so don’t think it!” However, this may be just the strategy that JT chooses to use and isn’t above playing the “dumb and innocent country boy role” in an effort to gain alliances with the women. JT attended Troy University and is the first in his family to earn a Bachelors Degree. His is in business administration.

A true family man, JT values his relationships and will work towards forming alliances that will take him very far in the game. This strong country boy is competitive and determined and will use manipulation in order to help him succeed and ultimately win SURVIVOR.

JT is single and currently resides in Mobile, Ala. His birthdate is June 23.

8 thoughts on “James “JT” Thomas Jr Survivor Tocantins”

  1. hi james. just thought i’d mention that you’re a total babe before you started getting that from every chick on myspace, probably soon to include myself. anyways, wishing you best of luck on your journey, hopefully you’ll make it through to the end to be the next survivor Brazil. Look forward to watching you.

  2. i know im young (13) but ur HOTT …… hehe


    TEAM J.T!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey J.T.

    Congrats! Wish I could’ve meet you without all the fame and fortune. We definately are two peas in the same pod. You are a beautiful person and very down to earth…like me. I’m a barrel racer from down in Florida who loves to hunt and fish…and of course…ride my horse!

  4. What a nice young southern gentlemen Mr. Thomas is. I’m from Samson,AL and very pround of him representing our town the way
    he has. Wishing him continued sucess in the future.
    Gail C. Kilcrease

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