American Idol 6: The Audition Schedule

American Idol is one of the top rated reality TV shows in existence and the newest installment of the smash hit TV series is about to begin, and every fan knows what that means: Auditions!

As sick as it is, my favorite part, and many other peoples favorite part of an entire American Idol season is the first few episodes when we get to see the absolute worst of the worst crash and burn. The audition episodes have become as much a part of reality TV as being on an island for Survivor.

This season the world is in for a real treat, as American Idol 6 is going to be kicking off with a whopping 8 auditions episodes! Usually we get a brief dip into the casting calls and only get 2 – 4 episodes dedicated to the massacre, but we’re really in for a treat this time. Each of the 7 major cities that held casting calls will have their very own episodes, with a final 8th episode sucking up the remaining crap that they happened upon on their cross country casting journey.

Find out what episodes will air when, after the jump!

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