The Amazing Race 21 Winners

Following Natalie & Nadiya’s elimination in The Amazing Race 21 Episode 11, we are left with a final three competing for the million dollar prize.

Jaymes & James and Trey & Lexi have been at the front of the pack for several legs now. Between them, they have split 5 of the last 6 first place results. On the other side of the coin, there’s Josh & Brent, the least successful team to ever make it this far. For 7 legs in a row, they have placed last or second to last, barely scraping by each time after somebody else made a game ending mistake.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Jaymes & James – 1:33AM
Second: Trey & Lexi – 1:44AM
Third: Josh & Brent – 3:06AM

The final destination city is 3600 miles away in New York, NY. This provides a hometown advantage for Josh & Brent, though I’m not sure that helps them with either the tasks or the cabs.

Trey & Lexi, unable to remember the phrase Brooklyn Navy Yard, allow the other two teams to realize something is up when they start writing. They’ll still have the lead, but they did some damage to how big it is.

The road block requires teams to escape Houdini style from a straightjacket, then take a bungee freefall 15 stories. Doesn’t seem particularly difficult, just scary.

Road block (in order of arrival): Trey, Brent, Jaymes

From Lombardi’s Pizzeria, the first pizzeria in the country, they must deliver 10 pizzas. Trey & Lexi complete the task successfully, which further solidifies their lead. Josh & Brent, however, reverse the order of deliveries, leading to Brent continually pointing out Josh’s mistake. Jaymes & James are still stuck in traffic.

The second road block at the United Nations must be done by the person who did not do the last one. They must match the correct words for hello and goodbye with the flags of the nine UN member countries they visited. No doubt everybody prepared the order of countries, flags, perhaps even the tasks, but nobody was ready for a language challenge.

Road block (in order of arrival): Lexi, Josh, James

By the time Josh & Brent arrive, Lexi has only completed one flag (Spanish). Is there really a chance Josh & Brent win this? This is as good a task as they’re going to get for their skill set. The Chippendales show up two behind the other two (Spanish and French). Two easy ones down, and now everybody starts guessing.

This is not going to be a fast task. After 2.5 hours, they’re still plugging away, almost done but not quite. Josh and James are running pretty close, but Lexi is out of it. Josh is the first to finish, but James is not far behind him.

The finish line is Gotham Hall. Josh & Brent are The Amazing Race 21 winners. Better than the twins winning, but this is easily the worst team (performancewise) to win the race, no matter how likeable they were. Perhaps the alliance shouldn’t have used the U-turn as they did to get rid of Abbie & Ryan.

The Amazing Race 21 Episode 11

Natalie & Nadiya foolishly went on this show without learning how to drive stick, and they had to be saved by non-elimination in The Amazing Race 21 Episode 10 as a result.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Trey & Lexi – 9:32AM
Second: Jaymes & James – 9:46AM
Third: Josh & Brent – 10:27AM
Fourth: Natalie & Nadiya – 11:14AM

Teams will now fly to Barcelona, Spain, then catch a train to Loire Valley, France. This serves as an equalizer for all four teams.

The twins have found someone new to hate. Their target du jour is the farmers, who are about three legs behind in finding out that there is an alliance.

This is another self drive leg, except that everybody is just following the leader. The three alliance teams aren’t going to bother thinking, and Josh & Brent are just going to follow suit. The trick up Josh’s sleeve is that he can speak French, and apparently his ankle is fine now as well.

This game of follow the leader is broken up when Natalie & Nadiya are stopped by their speed bump, in which they must lace up a corset. Before they proceed to the speed bump, the twins continue to yell about how the farmers are riding on people’s coattails. As weak a team as they suggest Josh & Brent are, they sure are wasting a lot of energy being afraid of them. Within about three minutes, both teams are following Josh and his language skills.

The detour is a choice between chow or plow. In chow, teams must make the daily meal for a pack of hunting hounds. In plow, teams must use a traditional horse and plow to till a field.

Plow: Jaymes & James, Trey & Lexi
Chow: Josh & Brent, Natalie & Nadiya

Strange that the farmers did not do a farming task, but they they did not want to risk both slots being filled up (only two teams at a time can plow). They agree to go to the dog detour with Trey & Lexi, who give up waiting for them very quickly, then promptly switch detours, so it was a smart move for Josh & Brent to not go there because otherwise they would have had to wait.

During the detour, one of the twins says, “We’ve always been evil. We’ve never been nice.” I noticed.

Of the two detours, the plow one looks a lot easier, albeit a lot more physical. The Beekmans have made up a lot of ground on their side of the detour, though, leaving the twins in last place again.

The road block requires teams to search a subterranean farm for mushrooms, of which they must collect 10 of each specified kind.

Road block (in order of arrival): Lexi, Jaymes, Brent, Natalie

At the back of the pack, Josh & Brent are let down by their navigational skills, giving the twins new hope, as the trailing two teams are now separated by seconds. By the time they are finished, the twins are about 10 minutes ahead. The only hope now is that they make a big mistake, which has been the hope Josh & Brent have had almost every leg since the race started.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Chateau du Chenonceau (the castle of the ladies).

First: Jaymes & James (win a Ford Escape each)
Second: Trey & Lexi
Third: Josh & Brent
Eliminated: Natalie & Nadiya

Having made a critical driving directions error, Natalie & Nadiya have been eliminated. As obnoxious as Natalie & Nadiya are, they were a stronger team, but somehow Josh & Brent yet again skate by.

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The Amazing Race 21 Episode 10

After another plane mishap, Abbie & Ryan deliberately continued to run at the back of the pack in The Amazing Race 21 Episode 9, sticking with the hopeless farmers until the bitter end. After Abbie & Ryan were U-turned and the other half of the double U-turn was wasted so they could not use it, they were eliminated.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Natalie & Nadiya – 2:55AM
Second: Jaymes & James – 5:57AM
Third: Trey & Lexi – 6:38AM
Fourth: Josh & Brent – 9:38AM

Teams must now fly south to Barcelona, Spain, where they will catch an overnight ferry to the island of Mallorca.

As the first team to depart because of their fast forward advantage, Natalie & Nadiya catch the 6:00 flight. Chippendales catch the 7:20 flight, as clearly there are constant flights all day. Trey & Lexi are on the 7:55 flight.

None of this matters because the first boat does not leave until 11:00 at night, equalizing everybody. The top three teams meet up and celebrate their brilliant victory over a team that was several hours behind them.

It’s not long before Josh & Brent are separated from the pack and find themselves back in last. This time they are thrown off by the name of their destination, which happens to be the same name as another place. Luckily for them, this leg will not be about taxis, though. Natalie & Nadiya do not have a competent stick driver, which has sunk many a team in the past.

The road block will require them to return 20 tennis balls in bounds before their bucket is empty.

Road block (in order of arrival): Trey, James, Josh, Nadiya

Trey’s a decent enough tennis player that he can complete this the first time. James only gets 6, but his second attempt is good enough. For whatever reason, Josh volunteers to do the sporty task, despite an injured ankle. This will not end well. After two failed attempts, the twins show up, and he sits on the ground and watches them play. Eventually, he gets up and completes the task on his third attempt, but the twins get it done in two, putting them neck and neck.

One of the twins is worried that Josh & Brent have a map. She informs us they’re super prepared because they’re gay.

The detour is a choice between spin it or bull it. In spin it, teams will repair a giant windmill. In bull it, they must become bulls and run into matadors.

Bull it: Trey & Lexi
Spin it: Jaymes & James (switched from bull it because they found this one instead), Josh & Brent, Natalie & Nadiya

In the bull task, only one player can see, meaning they have to guide the other. As the person unable to see, Lexi nearly completes the task successfully, but on the last part, she slams into the target, injuring her finger. The Chippendales, however, have no problem with their task nor the YMCA construction outfits.

Somehow, Trey & Lexi overtake Jaymes & James on their way to the pit stop, but the real drama comes down to the two trailing teams, who are doing the same task and only minutes apart.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Castell de Bellver, the castle with a lovely view that used to be a prison.

First: Trey & Lexi (win a trip to Mexico)
Second: Jaymes & James
Third: Josh & Brent
Non-eliminated: Natalie & Nadiya

Seemingly done in by not being able to drive stick, Natalie & Nadiya have been saved by non-elimination, while Josh & Brent barely limp through yet again.

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The Amazing Race 21 Episode 9

In the most anticlimactic episode ever, James & Abba were eliminated in The Amazing Race 21 Episode 8 following their brief reprieve the leg before after losing a passport.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Jaymes & James – 7:32PM
Second: Trey & Lexi – 7:49PM
Third: Natalie & Nadiya – 9:15PM
Fourth: Abbie & Ryan – 5:28AM
Fifth: Josh & Brent – 8:11AM

Teams are given a red, white, and blue flag, which they must figure out is leading them to Amsterdam, The Netherlands (or Holland… where the Dutch live). Jaymes & James figure it out by going online. Trey & Lexi ask their cab driver, who incorrectly identifies their destination as France. That was my initial reaction as well, though I wouldn’t have just assumed the answer to be right, but the stripes on the French flag are horizontal rather than vertical. Lucky for them, the Chippendales tell them the right country, or this could have been the end of their race.

The first and only direct flight arrives at 12:15 the following afternoon, but it only has three seats available, which will now go to Jaymes & James, as Trey & Lexi settle for the 1:05 arrival.

Natalie & Nadiya somehow are told about a plane arriving at 11:30, but the ticket agent refuses to sell to them because there is only a 1 hour connection time in Rome, which could spell disaster. Not having learned from the trailing two teams and their earlier problem that is still plaguing them three legs later, the twins insist, and they receive the tickets after some begging.

After booking their tickets, the twins come up with a plan in the event of a double U-turn. The first team to arrive U-turns Abbie & Ryan, and the second team U-turns the team that already passed (making that second U-turn a waste, aside from preventing Abbie & Ryan from using it). Jaymes doesn’t want to use the U-turn because it’s not like they need to anyway.

Abbie & Ryan will be returning to Frankfurt, where they last almost lost the race. They’re so far behind the other teams that they don’t have a lot of choices, so they’re going to head to Frankfurt and see what they can get of their multiple connecting flights (one arrives at 12:45, the other at 2:05, either one putting them the closest they have been to the rest of the pack since leg 7). When they land, they are denied at check in, but they are able to book a flight that will still keep them well ahead of where when they started the day. The bad news? The aircraft is having mechanical difficulties.

More than 12 hours behind at the start of the leg, Josh & Brent are scheduled for arrival at 4:35PM. When they land without delay, Josh & Brent run into Abbie & Ryan at the airport, putting them again neck and neck for last. They agree to run the leg with them again. If both of the double U-turns are used, this goes from easy win to desperate scramble.

The twins make their connection no problem after an unnecessary and dangerous gamble pays off. This further allows them to know for sure they can take advantage of the fast forward. Their task is to eat 5 herring each within 7 minutes before their floating bus returns to shore. Undeterred by the twins’ early arrival, Jaymes & James will also go for the fast forward, but it’s too late because Natalie & Nadiya finish on their first attempt.

The detour is a choice between back in time or organ grind. In back in time, teams must recreate a Rembrandt painting using live characters. In organ to grind, teams must operate the organ and collect tips.

Organ grind: Jaymes & James, Trey & Lexi
Back in time: Abbie & Ryan, Josh & Brent

Jaymes & James see that it’s getting slow, so they strip down into their Chippendales gear. This generates more interest from men than women, but then a grandma with her grandkids comes up and gives them the balance of what they need to finish.

Never having arrived at the U-turn, Natalie & Nadiya do not get their wish to U-turn Abbie & Ryan. Despite being in second place and hours ahead of them, Jaymes & James U-turn Abbie & Ryan as planned. At least they are doing this as part of the game to take out the stronger team, rather than because they are evil like the twins. Trey & Lexi then use their U-turn on Jaymes & James so that Abbie & Ryan can’t use it. I can’t imagine the producers will let this one go without a rule change.

Abbie & Ryan finish the detour first as expected, putting them in fourth, but they now must complete the other task as well. At least they are stopping this stupid let’s work together nonsense, far too late. Josh & Brent have a debate about what they should do, but for a shot at a million dollars, the answer is obvious.

They glossed over the road block so much that I didn’t even notice there was one. They must use poles to vault across a ditch. The task is so simple that it will not be the savior for Abbie & Ryan. The only potential impact of this challenge is that Josh stumbles in the field and hurts his ankle, which may hinder them in the future.

Road block (in order of arrival): James, Trey, Josh, Ryan

The pit stop for this leg of the race is the house of Rembrandt’s mistress.

First: Natalie & Nadiya (win $5,000 each)
Second: Jaymes & James
Third: Trey & Lexi
Fourth: Josh & Brent
Eliminated: Abbie & Ryan

As much as we can blame bad luck and an unnecessarily aggressive top three, Abbie & Ryan eliminated themselves from the race. Both at the swimming pool and again today, they insisted on staying with a team that was competing with them for the last spot.

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The Amazing Race 21 Episode 8

We left off with a cliffhanger in The Amazing Race 21 Episode 7. Having made a bad flight decision, Abbie & Ryan and Josh & Brent were several hours behind everybody else. But their potential saving grace came when James & Abba lost their belongings, including a passport, the biggest mistake you can make on a show about going around the world.

From last week, we already know the order of placement of the first three teams. It’s just a question of how the other three finish. For James & Abba, though there may be some very slim chance, the phrase needle in a haystack doesn’t even begin to describe the situation they are in.

Back at the swimming pool, Abbie & Ryan continue to watch the hapless Josh & Brent attempt to finish the swimming task. The library closed at 4, so that’s out of the question, forcing them to swim. Now the pool is closing, too, leaving Josh & Brent with a 4 hour penalty. Because the penalty will be assessed later, Abbie & Ryan will utlimately be safe no matter what, even if they continue to waste all night waiting for the other team. The good thing that comes out of this for Ryan is that it changes his character arc, potentially making him likeable to people who otherwise did not like him.

Josh and Abbie perform the road block. Josh easily finishes it, and he pays forward the other team’s waiting by helping Abbie figure out what she was doing wrong before she sat down and cried. Both teams step on the mat at the same time. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened had they been in last, though in this case I assume the penalty would have determined the result.

First: Trey & Lexi
Second: Jaymes & James
Third: Natalie & Nadiya
Fourth: Abbie & Ryan
Fifth: Josh & Brent
Non-eliminated: James & Abba

It’s still not over, though. Having exhausted their efforts to find a passport and come up empty, James & Abba have been saved by non-elimination. Of course, they still need to find a passport in order to proceed to the next country.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived. We are not provided with any starting times so that we don’t know just how far apart they are. Josh & Brent have their 4 hour penalty assessed at the start of the leg. We eventually find out that this penalty is still not enough to kick them out of fifth place.

The first two teams are greeted by an hours of operation with an 8AM opening. It seems as if they may well be sticking around Russia for another leg, which should extend James & Abba’s lifeline, if they can ever catch up.

The road block involves calculating the time of day in 5 different Russian cities. The country has 9 time zones, and they must get the answers based on a series of slides.

Road block (in order of arrival): Jaymes, Lexi, Ryan, Brent

After taking the test 11 times, Lexi finally figures out what she and Jaymes are doing wrong, and they finally get it. Natalie & Nadiya have been dying to use their express pass, and they use it now, not even bothering to attempt the road block. Ryan makes the same mistake the first two teams did. He neglects to factor in the fact that Moscow is +4 (as in 4 hours ahead of GMT), but something +6 is just 2 hours ahead of that, not 6 hours. He has figured out that he’s being misled, yet it takes him two dozen attempts to figure out why. Brent gets it on his first try.

The detour is a choice between movers or shakers. In movers, teams must learn and perform a Russian soldier dance. In shakers, teams must identify 7 historic Russian leaders.

Movers: Trey & Lexi, Jaymes & James, Natalie & Nadiya, Abbie & Ryan
Shakers: Josh & Brent

Despite James’ sprained ankle, the Chippendales opt to dance anyway, and they still finish it first, though I don’t imagine that was a smart move if they just hurt him even more for the rest of the race.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Sokolniki Park, and it has come very quickly, far too quickly for anyone’s luck to change. As we watch James & Abba spend the entire leg time trying to find a passport, their lack of hope keeps getting more obvious.

First: Jaymes & James (win a trip to Costa Rica)
Second: Trey & Lexi
Third: Natalie & Nadiya
Fourth: Abbie & Ryan
Fifth: Josh & Brent
Eliminated: James & Abba

After briefly delaying the inevitable, James & Abba have been eliminated.

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The Amazing Race 21 Episode 7

Rob & Kelley continued marching to the beat of their own drummer in The Amazing Race 21 Episode 6, right out of the race.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Trey & Lexi – 12:35PM
Second: Abbie & Ryan – 12:56PM
Third: James & Abba – 1:03PM
Fourth: Natalie & Nadiya – 1:44PM
Fifth: Jaymes & James – 1:55PM
Sixth: Josh & Brent – 2:07PM

Teams will now fly to Moscow, Russia. There are multiple options available.

Abbie & Ryan have opted for a flight with a 1 hour connection. Josh & Brent end up on this same flight after flipping a coin. 1 hour to get through one of the top 10 busiest airports in the world for an international connection? Having been through the disaster that is Frankfurt, I sense danger. Their alternative would be to take a flight that arrives 1 or 2 hours later. Seeing as these flights are all landing before the sun comes up, I’m not clear why it would be worth the risk. What are the odds a task begins before 8AM?

Trey & Lexi are looking for some airline that sounds funny, so they decide to just eat because they don’t know what it’s called. When the twins come along, the four of them book together. Chippendales and the rockers both get on the earliest flight by just dumb lucking into ticket agents that give them better options than others happened to get.

Before they can even get to Frankfurt and run through the airport, Josh & Brent and Abbie & Ryan already find out they are screwed. An announcement is made that their flight will be an hour late, essentially guaranteeing them a missed connection.

It gets worse. The earliest flight will arrive at 3:10PM, a full 11 hours behind the flight that left third, and even accounting for an hours of operation of 9:30 puts them over six hours behind the rest of the pack. At least there are two teams in this boat, or otherwise this would be a very boring leg.

The detour is a choice between synchronize or alphabetized. In alphabetized, teams must find books in a library based on a list in Russian. In synchronized, teams must go synchronized swimming with a future Olympic team.

Alphabetized: Trey & Lexi
Synchronized: Natalie & Nadiya, Jaymes & James, James & Abba (switched from alphabetized), Abbie & Ryan, Josh & Brent

As frustrating as the Russian alphabet is likely to be, I wouldn’t think the second detour is even possible. The good news is it doesn’t need to be pretty, but it does at least need to be in sync. For any struggles the lead four teams may be going through on either task, it’s all moot. Even if they quit the task and take a penalty, they’re still ahead of the bottom two.

The only occurrence of any relevance is Natalie & Nadiya continuing to discuss wasting their express pass, which they’ve been thinking about since before the task even started. The Chippendales tell them not to be stupid. I’d let them go ahead and do it.

The road block requires them to unlock all ten locks securing a ribbon to the Trees of Love.

Road block (in order of arrival): Trey, James, Natalie, Abba

This fairly simple task is nothing like the nightmare lock challenge from The Amazing Race 6. That does not prevent Natalie and Nadiya from calling each other the worst partner ever as a result of it.

Still at the airport, Josh & Brent and Abbie & Ryan make a pact. They will run this leg together. I’m not sure exactly what that entails, but it sounds silly. Ryan has the perfect opportunity to screw them over when they suggest going to the library, but he declines to take it and tells everybody that it closes at 4, meaning both these teams have no choice but to do the swimming task. It seems, though, that this task is much more suited to Abbie & Ryan, which would still allow them to squeak through.

With the two last place teams having spent the past day together, we find out what their pact means. Abbie & Ryan, finishing the detour easily, stick around to watch Josh & Brent hopelessly flail about.

But wait. There’s more. James & Abba left their stuff in a cab. If that’s just their personal belongings, they’re hurting, but they can get through it. However, if either of them let his passport out of his sight, that would automatically mean elimination. That’s exactly what happened. They have several hours to locate that cab, but we now have an unforeseen scenario that may not make things so predictable after all.

What is it with Russian cabs taking off with people’s stuff (and passports)? Toni & Dallas were eliminated in this exact same scenario in The Amazing Race 13.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is The Bolshoi Theater, the picture on the back of the money they are given as a clue.

First: Trey & Lexi (win a trip to Maui)
Second: Jaymes & James
Third: Natalie & Nadiya

After all the drama of the evening, we’re left with a cliffhanger. The most likely conclusion is that James & Abba cannot find their passports in this city of 10 million, but if they pull out a miracle, that leaves the other two teams battling for survival.

What we do know based on the preview is that Abbie & Ryan survive. Whether that means someone else was eliminated or non-eliminated is the question.

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The Amazing Race 21 Episode 6

Josh & Brent trailed the entire leg in The Amazing Race 21 Episode 5 but were saved by non-elimination.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: James & Abba – 8:30AM
Second: Abbie & Ryan – 11:04AM
Third: Natalie & Nadiya – 12:10PM
Fourth: Rob & Kelley – 12:31PM
Fifth: Trey & Lexi – 12:53PM
Sixth: Jaymes & James – 1:30PM
Seventh: Josh & Brent – 3:04PM

Ryan seems to have decided he hates every other team on the race.

At the travel agent, the twins find a wad of American money, which obviously belongs to one of the other teams. Lexi is standing there as well, and they make a deal to split it. It turns out the money belongs to James & Abba, who realize it’s missing before they leave, but by that time it’s too late. They’ll have to go begging in downtown Bangladesh, and the locals in the business district come together to give them enough to move on.

Teams will now fly 3700 miles to the European side of Turkey in Istanbul. With all the teams on the same flight, the stupidly big lead James & Abba were allowed to retain by last week’s poor leg planning will now evaporate, despite their 7 hour lead over the terribly performing last place team.

When they land, they have to choose between the potentially faster taxis that may hit traffic or the slower metro that will not have that same problem. The cab rides prove quicker, leaving Jaymes & James and Rob & Kelley at the back of the pack. Part way through the ride, the Chippendales get a tip from a fellow passenger that the subway’s slow, so they get off and take a cab the rest of the way. Rob & Kelley see them get off, but they keep doing what they’ve done all along: insist they don’t need to follow anyone and will run their own race, for better or worse.

Arriving at the ferry, they will take it to the Asian side of Turkey.

The detour is a choice between simit or scrub it. In simit, teams will transport Turkish bagels on their heads to three different addresses. In scrub it, teams will be scrubbed squeaky clean in a bathhouse.

Before they can get to the detour, Josh & Brent must first tackle their speed bump. They must eat an ice cream cone. Really, that’s their punishment for coming in last? This is made slightly harder by the fact that they just go to some random ice cream stand, which means they’ll have to do it a second time at the one marked by a race flag.

Scrub it: Trey & Lexi, James & Abba, Natalie & Nadiya, Abbie & Ryan, Jaymes & James
Simit: Josh & Brent, Rob & Kelley

The scrub it detour may sound like it has the potential for some painful scrubbing, and although they get a relaxing wash at first, that’s exactly the path they go down eventually. Still, this is the more relaxing and straightforward task of the two. The teams that did the more physical bagel task end up in last.

The road block requires teams to serve Turkish sherbet, regarded as the world’s first soft drink, until they have sold 40 and earned about $20.

Road block (in order of arrival): Lexi, Ryan, Abba, Natalie, James, Brent, Kelley

Lexi’s strategy is to be loud and obnoxious, which no doubt the twins will emulate. Ryan takes a different approach: he gets one of the locals to help him sell and offers a commission. Regardless, it doesn’t really seem to matter because there are two teams that are clearly trailing.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Savarona, one of the world’s longest yachts.

First: Trey & Lexi (win a trip to Australia)
Second: Abbie & Ryan
Third: James & Abba
Fourth: Natalie & Nadiya
Fifth: Jaymes & James
Sixth: Josh & Brent
Eliminated: Rob & Kelley

Rob & Kelley lost this leg when it began. I can appreciate their desire to be independent, but there are times you have to accept that it makes more sense to follow the crowd.

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The Amazing Race 21 Episode 5

Following two narrow escapes in second to last, Gary & Will were eliminated in The Amazing Race 21 Episode 4.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: James & Abba – 7:39AM
Second: Abbie & Ryan – 9:41AM
Third: Natalie & Nadiya – 9:42AM
Fourth: Josh & Brent – 10:53AM
Fifth: Rob & Kelley – 10:59AM
Sixth: Jaymes & James – 11:10AM
Seventh: Trey & Lexi – 11:34AM

As the only team to have gone for the fast forward, James & Abba have a 2 hour lead over the second place team, a seemingly insurmountable amount of time if they remain local. Seeing as they only have $1 for this leg of the race, that’s a pretty safe bet.

They continue to fight their way through the heat and sea of people in Bangladesh. Ryan thinks he has found where hell is, but by that same respect, he realizes how good they have it at home.

The road block requires them to use an ancient scale (that they must build) to weigh a specific amount of wood using rocks as a counterbalance.

Road block (in order of arrival): James, Abbie, Nadiya, Kelley, Jaymes, Brent, Trey

Oh, great, now we get to listen to more screaming from the twins. They consider Ryan obnoxious for mocking them. Have they heard themselves? I could do without hearing the word twinny being screamed once again, let alone 48 more times.

Immediately after the road block, they head straight to the detour. It’s really not looking good for anybody hoping to shake up the standings. 15 minutes in, it’s already obvious who will place first. Poor leg planning. If you know someone will have this large a lead, there needs to be an equalizer. At least the back of the pack is close enough that there are a few teams that could place last.

The physical nature of these tasks should allow Trey and the Chippendales to escape the axe. Kelley manages to claw her way through the road block as well, leaving Josh & Brent sitting in dead last as they continue to struggle.

The detour is a choice between straw dogs or bamboo jungle. In straw dogs, they will manufacture an eco-friendly bag. In bamboo jungle, they will collect bamboo and deliver it to a construction site. Either work in a 100+ degree factory or haul extremely long poles that will be whacking each other and passers by in equally oppressive conditions. The bamboo task seems to be the smartest move since heavy lifting tasks typically are the quicker choice, though both are going to be physically draining after an already exhausting road block.

Straw dogs: Abbie & Ryan
Bamboo jungle: James & Abba, Natalie & Nadiya, Jaymes & James, Trey & Lexi, Rob & Kelley, Josh & Brent

Having placed their bamboo incorrectly and noticed it, Jaymes & James toss some wood on the ground to reorganize it. In doing so, they forget some of it. This will provide the drama the editors were hoping for, even though it still will not be enough, as they are rejected when they arrive at the detour judge.

The pit stop for this leg of the race (the image stenciled on their detour clue) is Lok Shilpa Jadughar, a folk art and craft museum.

First: James & Abba (win a trip to Malaysia)
Second: Abbie & Ryan
Third: Natalie & Nadiya
Fourth: Rob & Kelley
Fifth: Trey & Lexi
Sixth: Jaymes & James
Non-eliminated: Josh & Brent

Having been in last since the road block, Josh & Brent finish last, but they are saved by non-elimination.

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