The Amazing Race 21 Winners

Posted by Shane on Sunday, December 9, 2012 at 9:10 pm

Following Natalie & Nadiya’s elimination in The Amazing Race 21 Episode 11, we are left with a final three competing for the million dollar prize.

Jaymes & James and Trey & Lexi have been at the front of the pack for several legs now. Between them, they have split 5 of the last 6 first place results. On the other side of the coin, there’s Josh & Brent, the least successful team to ever make it this far. For 7 legs in a row, they have placed last or second to last, barely scraping by each time after somebody else made a game ending mistake.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Jaymes & James - 1:33AM
Second: Trey & Lexi - 1:44AM
Third: Josh & Brent - 3:06AM

The final destination city is 3600 miles away in New York, NY. This provides a hometown advantage for Josh & Brent, though I’m not sure that helps them with either the tasks or the cabs.

Trey & Lexi, unable to remember the phrase Brooklyn Navy Yard, allow the other two teams to realize something is up when they start writing. They’ll still have the lead, but they did some damage to how big it is.

The road block requires teams to escape Houdini style from a straightjacket, then take a bungee freefall 15 stories. Doesn’t seem particularly difficult, just scary.

Road block (in order of arrival): Trey, Brent, Jaymes

From Lombardi’s Pizzeria, the first pizzeria in the country, they must deliver 10 pizzas. Trey & Lexi complete the task successfully, which further solidifies their lead. Josh & Brent, however, reverse the order of deliveries, leading to Brent continually pointing out Josh’s mistake. Jaymes & James are still stuck in traffic.

The second road block at the United Nations must be done by the person who did not do the last one. They must match the correct words for hello and goodbye with the flags of the nine UN member countries they visited. No doubt everybody prepared the order of countries, flags, perhaps even the tasks, but nobody was ready for a language challenge.

Road block (in order of arrival): Lexi, Josh, James

By the time Josh & Brent arrive, Lexi has only completed one flag (Spanish). Is there really a chance Josh & Brent win this? This is as good a task as they’re going to get for their skill set. The Chippendales show up two behind the other two (Spanish and French). Two easy ones down, and now everybody starts guessing.

This is not going to be a fast task. After 2.5 hours, they’re still plugging away, almost done but not quite. Josh and James are running pretty close, but Lexi is out of it. Josh is the first to finish, but James is not far behind him.

The finish line is Gotham Hall. Josh & Brent are The Amazing Race 21 winners. Better than the twins winning, but this is easily the worst team (performancewise) to win the race, no matter how likeable they were. Perhaps the alliance shouldn’t have used the U-turn as they did to get rid of Abbie & Ryan.

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