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John Lennon (October 9th, 1940 – December 8th, 1980)

It was twenty-six years ago today that one of the greatest musicians and people to have ever existed was shot down by a psycho. The incredibly talented singer/songwriter of The Beatles was shot and killed at the prime of his life. What a waste of such a brilliant talent. John could have went on to do amazing things in his life, and if it wasn’t for the stupidity of a single individual, there’s no telling what he could have accomplished.

The world lost an amazing person 26 years ago, don’t forget him.

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Johnny Cash “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” Video

Johnny Cash has been one of my favorite musicians for many years now and his death was a very sad one. Johnny had one hell of a life, worked with a great many talented musicians, had a loving family, devoted wife and legendary career. Johnny Cash and his music will be remembered for many years to come, which is more than can be said about 99% of today’s music.

Johnny Cash’s last album “American V: A Hundred Highways” featured one of his best songs to date, and just recently the music video has found its way online. “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” is the quintessential Johnny Cash song and brings to the forefront his obvious love for the church, his religion, and, most importantly, his undieing love for gospel music.

The video features a number of celebrities, musicians, actors and other stars that all have at least one thing in common, their love for Johnny and his music.

Watch “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash after the jump.

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Faith Hill Doesn’t Like to Lose

Last night was the Country Music Association Awards and, not to be out done by the MTV Europe Awards, the CMA’s had their own bit of drama. Albeit, not to the point of Kanye getting on stage and throwing a fit, but Faith Hill certainly made her displeasure clear.

Faith was up for “Female Vocalist of the Year” and must have thought she had it in the bag, as her reaction to the award going to American Idol Carrie Underwood was priceless. She quite clearly screams “What?!” The best part, of course, is the fact that it was all caught on video. Got to love those cameras.

Don’t believe me? Watch Faith freak after the jump.

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Vancouver Concerts: Nim Vind, Oct 28th @ the Media Room

One of my absolute favorite local Vancouver bands is finally having another show, and it’s a halloween show! Vancouver crooner/goth rocker/psychobilly/rockabilly group Nim Vind is putting on a show at the intimate the Media Club on October 28th.

Nim Vind has recently been touring the US and UK with their other band, The Vincent Blackshadow, so they haven’t performed a Vancouver show since St. Paddy’s day at the Media Room, where they actually performed with The Vincent Blackshadow. The St. Paddy’s day show was fantastic. The entire night was a blur of black clothes, sexy voices and green beer, the perfect kind of show for the Media Room.

Even though Chrys will be gone, I know I’ll be finding my way to this concert. Nim Vind, formerly known as Mr. Underhill, has been around the Vancouver scene for many years now, has travelled the US a few times and even recently returned from a hugely successful tour of Germany. It is well worth whatever little cover charge there will be to see a band this awesome in a venue as small and intimate as the Media Club.

Who: Big John Bates and the Voodoo Dollz w/ Nim Vind and The Starboys
What: Stairway to Hell Halloween Party
Where: The Media Club, 695 Cambie St.
When: October 28th @ 8:00pm
Why: Because it’s Halloween time, and what better way to celebrate than with Burlesque, Goth Rockers and Crooners? After all, they live Halloween everyday.
Cover: $10 at Zulu, Scratch, Red Cat & Online or $13 at the door

For details, Visit:
To buy tickets online, Visit:

Vancouver Bands That Rock!

Vancouver is a fantastic city and is home to a vast number of fantastic discovered and undiscovered, as it were, rock bands. Tonight, I feel like shedding some light on a few local bands that I’m a big fan of:

A Spectre Is Haunting Europe – My friend Matt Sheppard, former bass player for Vancouver based Creepy Family, Seventh Image and Caustic Pleasures is the current bass player for the post-punk-goth-rock-indie-mish-mash band A Spectre Is Haunting Europe. The band has released three albums independently or with independent labels and consists of Jean H (Guitar/Vocals), Matt Sheppard (Bass) and Phil Western (Drums). The band is very melodic and has upbeat and down tempo songs, all of which have very well written lyrics and a smooth, almost relaxing sound. Check out A Spectre is Haunting Europe‘s site and MySpace Page.

The Vincent Black Shadow – TVBS is one of my favorite Vancouver Bands and is luckily getting some well deserved attention. The group was signed to a record deal fairly recently and very recently released their debut album, entitle “Fears In The Water”. They have also been touring with the Warped Tour for the past few months and now, having finished that tour, are going to tour Germany. The Vincent Black Shadow consists of beautiful lead singer Cassandra Ford, Robbie Kirkham (guitar), Anthony Kirkham (Drums), Chris Kirkham (Bass) and Mary Ancheta (Keyboards). Their music is rock through and through, and real rock, not the crap they call rock on the radio now-a-days. Check out The Vincent Black Shadow‘s site and MySpace Page.

and of course, I wouldn’t be able to mention Vancouver bands without mentioning my all time favorite Vancouver based band…

Nim Vind (formerly known as Mr. Underhill) – Nim Vind, a.k.a Mr. Underhill, a.k.a Chris Kirkham (yeah, same guy from TVBS, and his brothers are in this band too), is a fantastic singer, wicked guitar and bass player and quite well known in the Vancouver scene. Nim is a goth rock crooner at the very best with the sexy voice to boot. The band is fantastic live, wicked on Vinyl and just great in general. Most recently Nim Vind toured Germany and released their first full-length album entitled “Fashion of Fear” and it’s great. If you enjoy psychobilly, rockabilly, goth rock inspired crooning you will LOVE Nim Vind. At the very least, give their music a listen and, if possible, check them out live, it’s worth every penny. And if you like the music, buy the CD/Record or some gear to help fund this wicked project. I picked up the Vinyl for Fashion of Fear at their last Vancouver show at the Media Club and I love it. Check out the Nim Vind site and their MySpace Page.

That’s that for this round of rockin’ Vancouver Bands. I hope to do this a few more times though. There are a lot of fantastic bands in Vancouver that aren’t nearly as recognized or appreciated as they should be and I can only hope to try and shed some light on these great musicians.

Music: 3,900 Songs on Randomize

So what happens when you sit in front of the computer, read blogs and work on your blog for a bit, all the while with Winamp on randomzie playing it’s heart away? Well, I don’t know what happens for you, but for me, this happened:

“I Love This Bar” by Toby Keith (I balme chrys for getting me into country, but this song is just plain fun.)
“Love Never Dies (part 1)” by Apoptygma Berzerk (Industrial music is always better with opera samples.)
“Black” by Pearl Jam (Throw a little Eddie Vedder into the mix.)
“Love Song” by The Cure (Can’t go wrong with Robert Smith, I not so secretly wish I had hair like his.)
“Stately Lover” by Lacuna Coil (Ooh, long time no listen, such a beautiful voice.)
“Thursday” by Jim Croche (Chrys’ music, hit the skip button :))
“12 Black Rainbows” by Type O Negative (Peter Steele is pretty, and he’s got a gorgeous voice. What? it’s true.)
“Gasoline” by Audioslave (so when you getting Soundgarden back together Chris? huh, I’m waiting.)

And that’s enough for now, I think it’s time to get to bed. I’ve been a bad bad blogger today, well, yesterday, technically, and didn’t manage to get anything posted. I hope google doesn’t get to mad at me. Here spider spider, I’ve got cookies!


Music: “Wolfmother” by Wolfmother

Wolfmother - WolfmotherI got my hands on the Wolfmother album entitled “Wolfmother” yesterday, and I have to say, this is by far one of the best albums I have heard in a while.

It’s been a long time since a group has come out trying to be true to the old school golden days of rock sound and Wolfmother most certainly fits the bill. The entire album shows very strong influences from early rock super powers like Led Zeppelin and The Who, as well as some strong ties to modern rock super stars such as The White Stripes.

I listened through the entire album this morning and enjoyed it a great deal. Led Zeppelin, The Who and The White Stripes are some of my favorite rock groups and Wolfmother has just found itself a slot in that group.

I highly reccomend at least giving the album a listen if you haven’t already done so.

Band: Wolfmother
Album: Wolfmother
Album Year: 2006

Video: Kris Kristofferson’s “In The News”

I just found a music video and song that has been newly released by Kris Kristofferson entitled “In The News.” The song is, obviously, about all the bad things that have been in the news and happening in the world over the last few years.

The video for “In The News” was also featured on Neil Young‘s website and, being a protest song itself, fits in well with Neil’s most recent album, “Living With War”. It’s also currently sitting at #6 on the Living With War top 300 songs list.

I really liked the song, and the video goes with it very well. Give it a watch, I think it’s certainly worth the few minutes of your time.

Watch Kris Kristofferson’s “In The News” video.