Vancouver Bands That Rock!

Vancouver is a fantastic city and is home to a vast number of fantastic discovered and undiscovered, as it were, rock bands. Tonight, I feel like shedding some light on a few local bands that I’m a big fan of:

A Spectre Is Haunting Europe – My friend Matt Sheppard, former bass player for Vancouver based Creepy Family, Seventh Image and Caustic Pleasures is the current bass player for the post-punk-goth-rock-indie-mish-mash band A Spectre Is Haunting Europe. The band has released three albums independently or with independent labels and consists of Jean H (Guitar/Vocals), Matt Sheppard (Bass) and Phil Western (Drums). The band is very melodic and has upbeat and down tempo songs, all of which have very well written lyrics and a smooth, almost relaxing sound. Check out A Spectre is Haunting Europe‘s site and MySpace Page.

The Vincent Black Shadow – TVBS is one of my favorite Vancouver Bands and is luckily getting some well deserved attention. The group was signed to a record deal fairly recently and very recently released their debut album, entitle “Fears In The Water”. They have also been touring with the Warped Tour for the past few months and now, having finished that tour, are going to tour Germany. The Vincent Black Shadow consists of beautiful lead singer Cassandra Ford, Robbie Kirkham (guitar), Anthony Kirkham (Drums), Chris Kirkham (Bass) and Mary Ancheta (Keyboards). Their music is rock through and through, and real rock, not the crap they call rock on the radio now-a-days. Check out The Vincent Black Shadow‘s site and MySpace Page.

and of course, I wouldn’t be able to mention Vancouver bands without mentioning my all time favorite Vancouver based band…

Nim Vind (formerly known as Mr. Underhill) – Nim Vind, a.k.a Mr. Underhill, a.k.a Chris Kirkham (yeah, same guy from TVBS, and his brothers are in this band too), is a fantastic singer, wicked guitar and bass player and quite well known in the Vancouver scene. Nim is a goth rock crooner at the very best with the sexy voice to boot. The band is fantastic live, wicked on Vinyl and just great in general. Most recently Nim Vind toured Germany and released their first full-length album entitled “Fashion of Fear” and it’s great. If you enjoy psychobilly, rockabilly, goth rock inspired crooning you will LOVE Nim Vind. At the very least, give their music a listen and, if possible, check them out live, it’s worth every penny. And if you like the music, buy the CD/Record or some gear to help fund this wicked project. I picked up the Vinyl for Fashion of Fear at their last Vancouver show at the Media Club and I love it. Check out the Nim Vind site and their MySpace Page.

That’s that for this round of rockin’ Vancouver Bands. I hope to do this a few more times though. There are a lot of fantastic bands in Vancouver that aren’t nearly as recognized or appreciated as they should be and I can only hope to try and shed some light on these great musicians.

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