Vancouver Coupons and Deals: The Round-Up

Welcome cheap skates, penny pincher’s and “frugal” people of Vancouver, to the Vancouver Coupon round-up. Why pay full price when you can get it for half price, or even free? Check out the following deals and you could save some scratch:

2 for 1 Kernels Popcorn Coupon – Buy one large bag of kernels popcorn and get another large bag free! Coupons – Pick a Province, pick from close to 100 coupons and have them all mailed directly to your door. My listed adds up to $67.00 in potential savings, that’s one hell of a lot of coupons.

Burger King Free Sandwich Code Generator – Bypass Burger Kings excessively long phone based questionnaire and generate yourself a free burger code online! Write the generated code on the back of an existing Burger King receipt (only receipts mentioning the survey on the back qualify), take the receipt into your favorite Burger King location, buy a small fry or drink and bam! Get your free sandwich of choice.

Free Wendy’s Burger and Drink Coupon – That’s right, get 1 free Wendy’s Classic Double with Cheese Burger and 1 free Medium Drink with this sweet coupon.

Free Senseo Sumatra Blend Coffee Sample – Try a sample of Senseo’s newest Sumatra coffee blend. No one turns down free coffee.

That’s that for today. I’m always on the look out for great deals, coupons and freebies for Vancouver, so more will com! Stay tuned all ye cheapskates!

How To: Save Money and Take Advantage of Sprint

Through-out my day at work and at home I spend a whole lot of time reading blogs. There are a lot of blogs that I like, but not a great deal that I’m willing to look at serveral times a day; however, one of the blogs that I am willing to check and do check multiple times a day is the consumerist.

The consumerist is ran by two guys that are snarky, witty and fun. Not only is the blog a good read, the guys that run it are out to save everyone a buck and to spread awareness of crappy business practices that so many of todays business’ like to follow. The talk about little known ways to save money, how to deal with certain companys and how to get the best bang for your buck, they even help out people that have been screwed over by companies by sharing their stories and trying to get the company to fix what they’ve screwed up. If you’ve never checked ou the consumerist, it’s certainly worth a read.

Todays how to save a buck and take advantage of Sprint tip comes compliments of the guys at the consumerist. Enjoy!

This sounds like a nifty HowTo on getting Sprint to give you a few extra bucks off your cellphone bill.

1. Call Sprint – 1-800-877-4646
2. Obey the opening instructions.
3. When the system asks, “How may I help you?,” say “dropped call.” The voice should confirm by saying, “Okay dropped call.”
4. Revel in the extra 50 cents or so Sprint gives you.

50 CENTS? Well, that’s for every time you say, “dropped call” until a rep comes on the phone. WikiHow users report an average savings of $11.00. If you abuse it, however, you get nothing, so spank Sprint with prudence.

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PNE Fright Nights Coupon

Halloween is fast approaching and this coupon might come in use for all of you Vancouerites that plan on going to the PNE’s annual Fright Nights. Just go to the site below and enter the coupon code: 06EBAY and you will receive a $5 discount on your tickets.

PNE Hallow Fright Nights Coupon:

Vancouver Circle Craft Fair

It’s that time of year again! We are quickly approaching Christmas and the hostile shopping missions have already begun for many, meaning only one thing: the Vancouver Circle Craft fair is about due to kick off again!

I’ve attended the Circle Craft Fair in Vancouver a number of times over the past three years and it has been fantastic each and every time. The number and quality of vendors seems to improve every year, while the admission fee some how manages to stay the same. The Circle Craft Fair is held in Vancouver’s Convention and Exhibition Centre every year and the fair is coming close to out growing the space. This year the circle craft fair features more than 260 artisans, vendors and booths of every shape, size and description, showcasing the works of crafters from across Canada.


Wednesday – Sunday, November 8th to 12th, 2006

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday open 10am – 9pm
Saturday open 10am – 7pm
Sunday open 10am – 5pm

Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre
999 Canada Place Way
Vancouver, BC
view map

Adults $12.00
Students/Seniors $8.00
Children Under 12 FREE
NEW – Unlimited FREE re-admission to the Christmas Market with ticket validation at the show.

If you’ve never been to the biggest christmas craft fair in Vancouver before, I highly recommend checking out the Circle Craft Fair, you’re bound to leave with something cool, and if not, it’s well worth the $12 just to see all the amazing work people from across Canada have done.

Just remember, before you head off to the Circle Craft Fair, make sure you print out one of the two coupons:

$2-off Circle Craft Fair Coupon
2-for-1 Circle Craft Fair Coupon

For More Info See:
Circle Craft Home
Circle Craft Fair Home
Circle Craft Fair Exhibitors
Circle Craft Fair Information
Circle Craft Fair Coupons

Vancouver Deal of the Day

I have decided to take it upon myself to feature a Vancouver Deal (V.D. – ha!) as often as possible. Now, I know the title says Vancouver Deal of the Day, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to find something worth sharing everyday, so if it turns out to be more along the lines of a Vancouver Deal of the Week, don’t hate me for it, too much at least. Now, enough chit-chat, let’s get onto today’s:

Vancouver Deal of the Day:

coffee mate coupon coffeemate coupon
For More Coffee Coupons visit:

These coupons are for all you coffee lovers out there! Add some flavor to your coffee with Coffee Mate Creamers and use these coupons to save up to $1.50! But wait, these aren’t the only coffee coupons up for grabs. To see all available coffee coupons, visit:

Be sure to come back for tomorrow’s VD! You can never get enough VD’s!

Vancouver Coupons and Deals

If you’re like me, which would be defined roughly as: living on a fixed income, relying on a single income to pay for everything and living in Vancouver, then you know there isn’t a great deal that can be done in this city without forking over some dough. Although, there are always ways around having to pay, at the very least, there are ways around having to pay full price.

To be quite honest, I used to be ashamed to use coupons, or to ask for deals or to wait to buy things when they’re on sale, or to buy second hand, but living in the great city of Vancouver on a limited budget isn’t an easy thing to do, especially when you have a lovely wife you really want to take out to dinner and get out of the house. So now, not only have I overcome my feelings about using coupons and asking for deals, I’ve come to embrace them and have spent a fair share of time digging for good deals.

I’m not much of a coupon clipper for grocery shopping, since I shop at IGA (because it’s close to home and convenient, not because it’s cheap, by any definition of the word) and since IGA doesn’t usually put flyers out, Chrys and I usually do the sale tag hunt when shopping. However, when it comes to getting coupons, discounts and deals at Vancouver restaurants, I’ve got a nice little list of places to hit up. These sites have a tendency of dictating where we go for dinner when we go out. Not only do we save a lot of money with these coupons, it gets us to explore and try different things a little more often, which, on most occasions, turns out for the best. But enough of the vancouver coupons and deals chatter, I’ll get to the point:

Vancouver Coupons, Discounts, Deals & Sales

Enjoy! And if you know of any sites for Vancouver Coupons or Vancouver Deals, please let me know and I’ll add them to the list above, as well as my personal list.

Free Starbucks Coffee: Squeeky Wheel Edition

As most of you probably know, Starbucks let leak a free starbucks coffee coupon that was originally intended for use in the southern US only, and only for friends and family of staff. And, as most of you likely also know, Starbucks let that campaign run for not even 24 hours before cancelling the free coffee coupon and pissing off a whole lot of people as it had hit the internet and spread like wilfe fire. Although some people got a great deal more pissed off than others, one inparticular even decided to filed a class-action lawsuit against Starbucks.

I’m guessing you probably don’t want to get involved in a class-action lawsuit just to get your hands on some more free starbucks coffee. So why not screw starbucks the honest mans way?

My friend and fellow Vancouver Blogger Andrew from informed me of another way to take advantage of Starbucks that has become fairly popular. And no, this isn’t the poor-mans americano trick that involves getting half a cup of coffee and filling the rest with milk from the condiments bar, though I do admit that it a cool idea too.

Do things the old fashion way, call them up and bitch, bitch, bitch! Apparently anyone that calls up and complains about the entire free starbucks coffee coupon debaucle is given a $5 giftcard as a bit of a piss off tactic. Whatever, works for me, the more money I can cause Starbucks to lose, the better!

Update: The guys over at the Consumerist made another post where they have recorded a phone call held with a Starbucks rep where they were issued the gift card. How cool is that? Give is a listen here.

Read more @ The Consumerist

Free Starbucks Coupon Cancellation Lands $114 million Lawsuit

Looks like Starbucks cancelling their free coffee coupon pissed someone off quite a bit.

I have to admit, I wasn’t very happy to hear that they had cancelled the coupon after only 24-hours either, but I didn’t take it to the extent this person did.

Peter Sullivan filed a $114 million class action lawsuit against Starbucks Corp. on behalf of a Starbucks regular that felt cheated by the quick cancellation of the coupon. The class action lawsuit is accusing the company of commiting fraud and is obviously a blatant attempt to suck an out of court settlement out of them.

Come on folks, it was only free Starbucks coffee, do you really think them pulling this coupon early is grounds for a class action lawsuit? Give me a break.

Read more @ The Consumerist