Free Starbucks Coffee: Squeeky Wheel Edition

As most of you probably know, Starbucks let leak a free starbucks coffee coupon that was originally intended for use in the southern US only, and only for friends and family of staff. And, as most of you likely also know, Starbucks let that campaign run for not even 24 hours before cancelling the free coffee coupon and pissing off a whole lot of people as it had hit the internet and spread like wilfe fire. Although some people got a great deal more pissed off than others, one inparticular even decided to filed a class-action lawsuit against Starbucks.

I’m guessing you probably don’t want to get involved in a class-action lawsuit just to get your hands on some more free starbucks coffee. So why not screw starbucks the honest mans way?

My friend and fellow Vancouver Blogger Andrew from informed me of another way to take advantage of Starbucks that has become fairly popular. And no, this isn’t the poor-mans americano trick that involves getting half a cup of coffee and filling the rest with milk from the condiments bar, though I do admit that it a cool idea too.

Do things the old fashion way, call them up and bitch, bitch, bitch! Apparently anyone that calls up and complains about the entire free starbucks coffee coupon debaucle is given a $5 giftcard as a bit of a piss off tactic. Whatever, works for me, the more money I can cause Starbucks to lose, the better!

Update: The guys over at the Consumerist made another post where they have recorded a phone call held with a Starbucks rep where they were issued the gift card. How cool is that? Give is a listen here.

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