Big Brother Season 20 Winner

Kaycee won the power of veto in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 38 and eliminated Angela, saving Tyler to honor her final two deal with him. The same deal everybody in the house had.

The first part of the final HOH competition has them hanging on to amusement park rides. JC is the first one to fall at 54 minutes. Tyler promised to throw it to Kaycee. Should he? Does it matter? Kaycee falls two minutes later. Tyler wins part one of the three part HOH competition. I don’t know if that was worth risking alienating her. I wouldn’t expect JC to be able to beat him in the next competition, regardless of what it is.

The second part of the competition requires them to climb the wall and answer the questions about the season that match four houseguests. Kaycee botches the second question of the three, while JC is left guessing on the third.

Kaycee – 18:55
JC – 19:34

Kaycee’s poor performance is not enough to stop her from winning.

Dr. Will nearly 20 years later joins the jury. They know who’s played the best. No chance Tyler joins them. They are happy to see Angela.

It’s here that they find out about Level Six as Angela spills the beans, which she seems to have planned with Tyler.

Kaycee gets credit for winning competitions, mostly vetoes that she didn’t need to use. When asked what else she did, the answer is nothing.

Faysal admits that JC played them. Who didn’t? They had such an awful alliance that they could play themselves. Still, though he largely served as a necessary vote to keep Level Six afloat, JC was always scheming and in everybody’s ears on both sides.

Multiple people admit having a bad taste in their mouths because of Tyler. He promised to be with them until the end, almost every one of them, right up until he wasn’t.

The 50/50 guess final part of the final HOH competition requires them to listen to the jury members rambling and answer whether they are making all factual statements. At least in this case, they actually have to know something about what happened during the season, instead of just guessing about the jury’s feelings. Both are correct on the first six questions. Both get the seventh and eighth questions incorrect. That brings us to a tie breaker. How long was the jetpack competition in seconds? We know it was just shy of an hour or 3600 seconds. 3413 is the answer. Kaycee wins HOH with an answer of 3400.

JC has no enemies, but he has a much tougher sell to convince people he played a strong game.


I don’t know if that that was the smart move, though it was the loyal one. Her only hope is that people are bitter that Tyler outwitted them, which they are, but how bitter and can they get over it?

Tyler talks about the things people already know, all his final two deals and Level Six. He also surprises everybody by revealing his power app. Kaycee says her strength is her social game. Very generic. She can’t point to big moves because there weren’t any.

Swaggy C proposes to Bayleigh. Really? You were eliminated in week 2.

JC: Tyler
Angela: Tyler
Sam: Kaycee
Brett: Tyler
Haleigh: Tyler
Scottie: Kaycee
Faysal: Kaycee
Rockstar: Kaycee
Bayleigh: Kaycee

By a vote of 5-4, Kaycee is the Big Brother Season 20 winner. Not necessarily a bad winner. Loyal, won a lot of competitions, formed strong alliances and let them do the dirty work. Nowhere near as good as Tyler, who played everybody from the beginning and by the midway point had alliances with literally everybody. The opposing side blames him for beating them, and Sam puts a cherry on top after Tyler perhaps made one final two too many. She told us she would get revenge, and there it is.

Haleigh, Brett, and Tyler are the top three vote getters for America’s favorite houseguest. Tyler wins.

Big Brother will be back again next summer for season 21, and Celebrity Big Brother will return for season 2 in the winter.

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