Big Brother Season 20 Episode 38

Given a choice between JC and Sam, Level Six chose to get rid of Sam in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 37 because she has not been very compatible with the other females in the house. Then JC won HOH.

They won’t admit it, but this is actually good news. For whoever survives. They have all generally played well, but they don’t really want to go up against each other in the final two. That is not smart gameplay.


JC wants to split up the couple, and he wants revenge. He tells Tyler he’s just being a bitch to him.

We take a first visit to the jury house. Kaycee seems to have more fans than the other two. She hasn’t done much other than win veto competitions, but that’s the point. Tyler and Angela are the bad guys who are getting rid of everybody. Then Angela talks down to them as they leave. As more people enter the house, they realize that Tyler had a final two with a lot of people. He played them. Extremely well.

The final veto competition will require them to remember the competitions and like or dislike the competitions that correspond to the clues by dropping balls into slots using pulleys. JC gets the first strike and the second strike, predictably losing any chance to gain additional power this week, leaving the final decision up to whoever wins this. Tyler gets the next two strikes. Angela gets the next two strikes. Kaycee wins the power of veto.

I don’t think she has much choice. Angela has played a solid game, but she has bad jury management. Tyler may likewise potentially have a bunch of enemies, but that’s because he was close to everybody, until he cut them.

Kaycee: Angela

I don’t get it. But Kaycee explains to Angela. She is honoring the final two deal she and everybody else has with Tyler.

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