Big Brother Season 20 Episode 1

16 new houseguests move into the house to face a whole new set of unnecessary and excessive twists.

Sam is a welder living in a camper in her mom’s yard. Tyler spends his life on the beach, acknowleding that his brain is his biggest weakness. Bayleigh is a pageant girl who is now a flight attendant. Steve is retired NYPD and criminal justice teacher, who will go back undercover and pretend to be a mechanic. Kaitlyn is a life coach and meditation instructor. Winston is a big believer in the second amendment who is looking for love. Angela is a model and an overly competitive former gymnast. JC tries to compensate for his height by being loud, but despite his size holds powerlifting records.

Rachel is a Vegas performer. Chris is a former college basketball player with a stupid nickname (Swaggy C). Angie dresses colorful to the point of excess and also has a stupid nickname (Rockstar). Brett is a bro who does bro stuff, but he’s actually a cybersecurity engineer. Kaycee plays women’s professional football, which is apparently a thing. Scottie calls himself a dweeb, and he’s a huge gamer. Haleigh is a country girl student who grew up on a farm. Faysal is a former college football player.

Technology is the theme of this season.

The first competition will allow the winner to keep eight people safe for this week. You don’t want to win this, even more than usual.

For the first eight, their task is to search in the dark and find a special folder in the trash. Tyler finds a folder, not the winning folder, but he opts to return to the house and call it a day. Bayleigh also finds a losing folder. Brett does as well. Then Rachel. Angela gets dumb lucky and stumbles across the winning folder. JC finds a folder. Wiston finds the final folder. Kaycee gets the game changing punishment.

The others also have a searching task, in which they will find letters to spell and stack the word houseguest. Swaggy C (I guess we’re actually going to keep referring to him as that) wins. Scottie places second. Steve is third. Faysal almost wins but knocks over his stack, coming back to take fourth. Kaitlyn is fifth. Rockstar is sixth. Haleigh pulls together three blocks at once to place seventh. After knocking over her blocks earlier, Sam was not able to catch up and will receive the punishment.

Bayleigh gives Swaggy the advice to calm down and not be so cocky. He thanks her but has no intention of doing such a thing.

Angela proposes something she got from her group: keep your own group of eight safe if you win. Swaggy is fine with that. That’s as harmless a proposal as any. Random fate, nobody should be mad. Their competition is to be the last person standing on their surfboard. Angela is the first to fall, and Swaggy wins.

Despite their earlier arrangement, Swaggy tells Angela she’s safe anyway, but Julie has a stupid wrench to throw into the works. He is not saving indivdiuals. He is saving two of the four move in groups (they entered the house in groups of four).

He’s obviously going to save himself, which means that Rachel, Brett, and Rockstar are also safe. He also wants to save his “best friend in the house” (they have been in there for a few hours) Bayleigh, which would also save Tyler, Sam, and Winston. His other option is to save Angela as promised, which would also keep Steve, JC, and Kaitlyn safe.

Seemingly Swaggy had two options. So he goes with the third. Scottie, Kaycee, Faysal, and Haleigh are safe. Seems random, and I don’t get what it does for him. His rationale is that is the other group of four who entered the house with him.

Kaycee’s punishment is the pinwheel of doom, which will require her to wear a unitard and stay in one room when her pinwheel starts spinning. Sam is a robot who will switch back and forth between being in the game as herself and a robot. Both punishments will last until the first live eviction. Neither is a game changer.

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