Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 9

Not realizing they actually had the votes, the Healers turned on each other in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 8 and contributed to the elimination of Desi.

Mike was one of the people who turned. He voted for who he was supposed to, Joe. He wasn’t in on the plan. So of course, he wants to bond with those people who clearly don’t trust him.

Ryan tells Devon they will be fine because he has an idol.

For the reward challenge, they will swim to climb and jump off a ladder, retrieve a key underwater, open a chest, and use the balls to shoot baskets. Reward is a yacht trip. Ben, Devon, Ashley, Ryan and Lauren (blue) are against Cole, Chrissy, JP, Joe, and Mike (red). Ben puts the blue team behind on the diving, and that is how it stays until the baskets. Joe takes the lead by 3, but Ben also scores 3 in a row to tie it. Joe makes it 4-3. Then he scores again to win for red.

Now Ryan tells Ben that he has an idol.

Joe’s plan to convince people to keep him: piss them off. I guess that is supposed to be different from what he has been doing all along.

Here’s the reason why you keep your mouth shut about your idol. Ben tells Devon that Ryan has an idol. Even if Devon was going to keep that a secret, clearly Ben can’t be trusted. Now neither of them trust Ryan either.

For the immunity challenge, they will squat and balance poles on their shoulders while keeping an urn balanced. Ashley drops quickly. Mike is right behind her, and JP follows. Then Devon gets distracted by someone else and drops, and Joe does the same. Ben drops. This is supposed to be an endurance challenge, but it’s not seeming like it. The other four have lasted 20 minutes. Chrissy is next, followed by Ryan. Cole drops. Lauren wins immunity, and people don’t even make an effort to hide their excitement.

The two obvious targets are Cole and Joe. There are people who want to play emotionally, but Cole just proved he is dangerous, no matter how annoying Joe is. That said, Joe is the better player, and Cole will struggle to do anything other than win challenges.

Ben is the group’s dictator, and he tells them how to vote. Split the vote between Cole and Mike. Joe’s name isn’t even mentioned. Ashley and Chrissy hate Joe and are not happy.

Cole keeps quiet at Tribal and just lets the others keep talking. Mike opens his mouth and makes himself a target, but he already was a target, though never the target.

Mike plays his idol. Not a bad move, but not the right move.

Mike (does not count)
Mike (does not count)

With 5 votes, Cole has been voted off the island.

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