Survivor: Game Changers Episode 2

A double episode kicked off the season when two people who played too hard right out of the gates in Survivor: Game Changers Episode 1 were eliminated. First Ciera named names to the wrong people, then Tony acted strange the entire time before eventually crossing Sandra.

After a short-lived start, it’s time for a tribe swap. They aren’t just going to new tribes, but there will be three of them instead of the original two.

Mana (Red): Brad, Caleb, Debbie, Hali, Sierra, Tai
Nuku (Blue): Aubry, Jeff, JT, Malcolm, Michaela, Sandra
Tavua (Green): Andrea, Cirie, Ozzy, Sarah, Troyzan, Zeke

Caleb and Hali remain on Mana, but they are the only two from the original tribe. However, Caleb already has a bond formed with Tai from their last season together.

JT is even worse off. He is the only person from original Nuku on the new Nuku tribe.

Troyzan, likewise, is the only person from his old tribe to join five opposing tribe members on a new tribe that must start over at a new camp.

Nuku is celebrating their newfound wealth. They screwed up at the beginning, but the other tribe left things in great shape for them.

JT blatantly leaves his new tribe out in the ocean and pretends to go back to the beach to help them get something he forgot on purpose, but everybody knows he’s really helping himself to try to find an idol.

Ozzy and Cirie are now stuck with each other whether they trust each other or not.

Troyzan goes idol hunting, and he is surprised by how obvious the bottle sticking out of the ground is. What he finds is a clue, which tells him he will have to grab the idol in the middle of the next immunity challenge.

Hearing Sandra’s talk about eating goats encourages JT to go catch one and another. Then he and Malcolm become self conscious. The excuse they end up using is that they want to catch one that is not a baby and does not have a baby. The group decides to eat Tai’s chickens instead. Less cute animals without fur.

At the immunity challenge, they will pass a series of obstacles while tied together, go back and forth on a teeter totter with buckets of water to fill up a larger bucket and drop a gate, untie knots, and solve a puzzle. Mana makes the mistake of going through the first obstacle rather than over it. Nuku takes the lead on the first obstacle and keeps that through the puzzle, but the other tribes have managed to just about catch up. Nuku wins immunity. Tavua places second.

After the challenge is over, Troyzan does indeed manage to snag the idol that is tucked on the other side of the puzzle table.

First place reward is a tarp and choice of comfort. Nuku choose the body comfort, leaving spices for Tavua.

With a 4-2 numbers advantage, the choice seems simple, but it’s complicated by everybody being returning players. Hali is the obvious choice, and she knows it. Getting rid of Caleb would harm their challenge chances significantly, but the only concern is that he is too close to Tai. Debbie was technically with them as well, but I don’t know if anybody is taking that relationship very seriously.


With 4 votes, Caleb has been voted off the island. Brad even managed to convince Tai to vote for him. Seems awful early to be getting rid of a physical threat.

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