The Amazing Race 28 Winners

After deciding to switch detours in The Amazing Race 28 Episode 11, Burnie & Ashley really had no chance of staying in the game. That left Tyler & Korey, Dana & Matt, and Sheri & Cole competing to see who will be the winners.

Tyler & Korey have been one of the dominant teams, and the last two legs have seen their toughest competition fall. They are left competing against one team with a member who was constantly bickering with herself and another team that barely survived, so they are the clear odds on favorite, but one of the underdogs pulling it off is entirely possible and perhaps even likely in a show like this, where the best team often isn’t the winning team.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived, probably.

Teams must now fly more than 7000 miles to Los Angeles, CA. All teams are on the same flight.

The road block requires teams to jump off a skyscraper to grab their clue suspended in the air.

Road block (in order of arrival): Matt, Sheri, Tyler

A scary but simple road block, but if they miss the jump, they have to try again. Matt makes it on his first attempt. Sheri, who’s doing this because her son is afraid, doesn’t even come close as she jumps through the tears. Tyler likewise misses on his first attempt. With each failed attempt, the clue is moved closer, making it easy like the camel racing task, although Tyler still misses on his second try.

From there, teams will take a helicopter ride to Santa Barbara. Upon arrival, they will search through hundreds of boats for a specific one.

Dana & Matt have been running ahead of the pack, but then they tell their taxi to leave and have to find another one. This is a pretty basic mistake for the final leg. As dumb as this seems, they aren’t alone. Sheri & Cole do the same, and then they leave the only cab in the area because the driver says she doesn’t know where their destination is. By the time they realize they’re not going to find anything else, Tyler & Korey are sitting in that cab. They hope to point the driver in the right direction using her cell phone, but ironically, though you would think being in the US would serve some language advantage or at least not a disadvantage, the barrier still exists.

At Gibraltar Rock, one team member must attempt a tyrolean traverse while lowering their partner down the vertical rock. This looks like a first come, first served task, causing Tyler & Korey to have to wait for the team in front of them to finish.

The final road block requires teams to use barrels to spell cities they have been to based on hashtag clues.

Road block (in order of arrival): Dana, Cole, Korey

Like the previous road block, this doesn’t seem like much of a challenge, as Dana & Matt get it on their first try. It’s pretty obvious how this race is going to end.

The Amazing Race 28 winners are Dana & Matt. They ran a competent race, despite all the unnecessary yelling, but never really performed at the top of the pack. Sheri & Cole finish in second place. After being the best performing team and finishing first five times, Tyler & Korey trip at the finish line for third place, never catching up after struggling a bit to find the first road block.

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