The Amazing Race 28 Episode 11

The lead teams colluded, without apparently having been smart enough to actually plan for it, to eliminate Brodie & Kurt in The Amazing Race 28 Episode 10 by using the U-Turn against them and then not permitting them to U-turn anyone else.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Tyler & Korey – 7:34AM
Second: Burnie & Ashley – 7:35AM
Third: Dana & Matt – 7:48AM
Fourth: Sheri & Cole – 7:51AM

With their U-turn plan, Tyler & Korey and Burnie & Ashley are the odds on favorite and eliminated what had been the strongest team, at least until Kurt couldn’t do any more road blocks and everything fell apart. Tyler thinks Dana & Matt are learning to communicate. I have not seen that change. Then there’s Sheri & Cole, who admit they’re not up to par with the other teams, but perhaps they could dumb luck their way into the finals.

Teams must now fly more than 2000 miles to Shenzhen, China. All teams are on the same flight.

Upon arrival, they have to find clues. After finding theirs, Tyler & Korey lie to Sheri & Cole and tell them they haven’t found anything yet. Then Burnie & Ashley walk by and comment about how there aren’t any clues left. Well, that lie didn’t work, and after finding the last clue, Sheri & Cole know exactly what just happened.

The road block at the Window of the World theme park requires teams to solve riddles to find famous monuments.

Road block (in order of arrival): Tyler, Dana, Burnie, Sheri

Not wanting to compete against Burnie & Ashley if possible, Tyler decides to work with Dana. That may help them get ahead, but it won’t do anything to help Sheri & Cole catch up. Then they do end up helping Burnie anyway because Dana, presumably not wanting to litter, tosses sticker backings into one of the cases. More bad lying by Tyler follows, but Burnie doesn’t fall for it.

The detour is a choice between commuter cycle or master of arts. In commuter cycle, teams must learn to ride hands free electric unicycles. In master of arts, teams must deliver and hang paintings according to the specifications.

Commuter Cycle: Sheri & Cole
Master of Arts: Tyler & Korey, Dana & Matt, Burnie & Ashley (switched from commuter cycle)

The cycling task is a matter of continuing to practice until you learn it. Burnie & Ashley eventually decide it will take too long, moving themselves from first to last. The other task is about precision of hanging paintings, which may require multiple (two) attempts with a lot of shifting the paintings around but doesn’t seem too difficult.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Shenzhen Library Terrace.

First: Tyler & Korey
Second: Dana & Matt
Third: Sheri & Cole
Eliminated: Burnie & Ashley

Sheri & Cole struggled with the detour but stuck with it because they felt like they had no choice. Had Burnie & Ashley done the same, they probably would have been the third place team.

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