Survivor: Kaoh Rong Episode 12

Julia was somewhere in the middle but never really in control, and it finally caught up with her in Survivor: Kaoh Rong Episode 11 as the majority alliance decided to get rid of her.

Jason’s now completely alone, but he has one last card to play. Nobody likes him, and he hasn’t done anything that would win him the game.

Tai reveals his extra vote to Aubry and Joe. That extra vote would give them the majority regardless of how everybody else votes.

In order to make himself extra dislikeable, Jason has a new strategy. Just sit around and do nothing. People may not like you more than now, but I don’t get how that’s a path toward winning.

For the reward challenge, they will cross obstacles in the water and then maneuver three balls through a maze. Reward is to go to an animal rescue sanctuary and have a picnic. Joe, Aubry, and Cydney are against Tai, Michele, and Jason. Joe is limping his way through the challenge and puts his team behind. They can’t really figure out the maze anyway, and by the time they land one ball, it’s already too late. Tai, Michele, and Jason win reward.

Though Tai loves animals, he’s worried that he’s going to the reward with the two outcasts rather than anyone with whom he is allied. The only thing he is missing is the girls getting mad at Joe telling them how to tend the fire, especially Cydney, who doesn’t like being told what to do.

For the immunity challenge, they will stack blocks on a wobbly table held by a rope and walk back and forth to the blocks. Jeff keeps talking about how Joe and Michele are winning, but none of that matters because they drop their blocks. So do Aubry and Tai. Then Jason. Meanwhile, Jeff has been going on and on about how Cydney is out of it, but slow and steady now has her ahead of the others. Joe can’t spell the word immunity any more, and Michele, Tai, and Aubry all drop again. Cydney’s leading all through the eighth letter, but then Jason passes her by seconds. Within feet of victory, Jason drops. Cydney wins immunity.

Tai has decided that Michele is the bigger threat because she hasn’t made any enemies. Aubry agrees. Tai tells everybody about this, including Jason. Joe and Cydney would prefer to get rid of Jason instead. Cydney’s the one who warns Michele, and now we’re back again to how Cydney can’t be told what to do.

The claws come out at Tribal Council, while Jason just sits there and watches.

Prior to the votes being read, Tai reveals that he wants to use his advantage, voting again for Michele, but he still needs one or two more.


With 4 votes, Jason has been voted of the island. Tai’s entire alliance turned on him but not to get rid of him, which just seems odd.

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