The Amazing Race 28 Episode 9

Sheri & Cole continued to limp along in The Amazing Race 28 Episode 8 but were saved by non-elimination.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Brodie & Kurt – 12:28AM
Second: Burnie & Ashley – 12:30AM
Third: Tyler & Korey – 1:18AM
Fourth: Zach & Rachel – 1:31AM
Fifth: Dana & Matt – 1:48AM
Sixth: Sheri & Cole – 4:11AM

Brodie & Kurt may not be that far ahead of some of the teams, but it’s clear based on how far ahead they are of the trailing teams, notably Sheri & Cole, that they wasted their express pass. It’s not even like they gave it a lot of consideration or effort and thought they were in danger either. They were in first place and had plenty of time to make a decision.

Teams must now fly 4600 miles to Bali, Indonesia. All teams are on the same flight.

Upon arrival, teams pick times for departure the next morning.

6:15AM – Brodie & Kurt, Sheri & Cole
6:30AM – Burnie & Ashley, Tyler & Korey
6:45AM – Zach & Rachel, Dana & Matt

The first task is to deliver offerings to temples, including the large snakes that are put around their necks.

The road block requires teams to collect sea water and produce salt.

Prior to that, Sheri & Cole must prepare and sell 10 breakfasts and eat one themselves for their speed bump.

Road block (in order of arrival): Kurt, Tyler, Burnie, Rachel, Cole, Matt

Brodie doesn’t seem to want to do any road blocks, which may become a problem now that Kurt is up to his sixth since it puts the team in a position where they have no choice but to have Brodie do them. With Brodie having done only three, one of which he quit without really trying, their ability to win this race may come down to poor planning.

This task is just a lot of physical labor, specifically the carrying of buckets of water from the sea. This seems to be bad news for the one female who chose to do this task (and apparently does not have sunscreen with her), but for all the focus over this, she does not seem to fall too far behind.

The next road block requires teams to build and fly a giant kite. Whoever did not perform the first one must do this.

Road block (in order of arrival): Ashley, Korey, Brodie, Sheri, Dana, Zach

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Phinisi, a traditional Indonesian sail boat.

First: Tyler & Korey (win $5,000 each)
Second: Burnie & Ashley
Third: Sheri & Cole
Fourth: Dana & Matt
Fifth: Brodie & Kurt
Eliminated: Zach & Rachel

In a footrace (on boats), Brodie & Kurt narrowly survive their stupid decision to use the express pass last week, but in the end, Zach & Rachel have been eliminated because of a bad road block choice.

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