The Amazing Race 28 Episode 8

It looked like they might be saved by other teams making really bad decisions, but in the end of The Amazing Race 28 Episode 7, Scott & Blair found themselves eliminated in a footrace after a simple mistake of grabbing the wrong bag due to lack of communication.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Zach & Rachel – 10:39PM
Second: Burnie & Ashley – 10:42PM
Third: Brodie & Kurt – 10:45PM
Fourth: Dana & Matt – 10:52PM
Fifth: Sheri & Cole – 11:21PM
Sixth: Tyler & Korey – 1:17AM

Teams must now fly to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. All teams are on the same flight.

The detour is a choice between races or oasis. In races, teams must ride bicycles and race against camels. In oasis, teams must lead camels across the desert.

Races: Tyler & Korey, Brodie & Kurt, Sheri & Cole
Oasis: Dana & Matt, Burnie & Ashley (switched from races), Zach & Rachel (switched from races)

Working against animals seems logically the better choice than working with them, but camels are faster than they look, though failure will allow teams to get a head start the next time that just about guarantees them a win. Burnie & Ashley only try once before she falls apart, and Rachel didn’t even want to try this anyway.

The road block requires teams to swim with the sharks at Aquaventure.

Road block (in order of arrival): Brodie, Burnie, Matt, Korey, Zach, Cole

The initial part of the road block is simple enough but scary, but then they have to get puzzle pieces in a bottle to fall into the corresponding grooves. Rather than making much effort and despite being in first place with nobody else in sight, Brodie & Kurt decide to use the express pass. Everybody else struggles but gets it eventually. Dana comments that she felt like she might start to melt down because she is that kind of person. You don’t say.

Before proceeding, teams will need to go down Poseidon’s Revenge, a water slide that is twice as long as the Leap of Faith, which Mika refused to do in season 15 and was eliminated as a result.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Old Souq Station. Having made it through the road block without her meltdown, now’s the time for more of Dana, calling a very calm Matt names and yelling at him for no reason. She threatens to quit the race if he’s going to act like this (like a punching bag?). Well, that would really be too much to ask. After much whining and unnecessary drama, she gets back in the car.

First: Brodie & Kurt (win a trip to Helsinki, Finland)
Second: Burnie & Ashley
Third: Tyler & Korey
Fourth: Zach & Rachel
Fifth: Dana & Matt
Non-eliminated: Sheri & Cole

Already in dead last, Sheri & Cole then get lost, leading to a predictable result, despite the editing suggesting that Dana is at her breaking point (again). They survived the to be continued leg in last, and now Sheri & Cole have been saved by non-elimination.

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