The Amazing Race 28 Episode 7

Since it was a to be continued leg, aside from perhaps Brodie & Kurt winning the express pass, nothing of much consequence happened in The Amazing Race 28 Episode 6.

All teams must take the midnight train to Tbilisi, Georgia.

The detour is a choice between clean and string. In clean, teams must clean a giant clay wine pot. In string, teams must make churchkhela candy.

String: Brodie & Kurt, Zach & Rachel, Burnie & Ashley, Scott & Blair
Clean: Sheri & Cole, Tyler & Korey (switched from string), Dana & Matt (switched from string to clean to string to clean)

There are only four candy stations, which is a problem for all the trailing teams who wanted to do string. Dana & Matt give up their spot because they don’t want to wait around, which convinces Scott & Blair to stick around and basically guarantee themselves last place, or so it seems.

Until Dana & Matt drive and drive and eventually give up and tell their cab driver to take them back to where they started. Then Tyler & Korey quit the task after two teams have finished and go to the other one. Meeting them on the way there and hearing how hard it is, Dana & Matt switch again, at this point still not having attempted to do any task. Despite all this, Scott & Blair still somehow arrive last at the next task.

The road block requires teams to learn ballet at the national theater, which seems easy for the lead teams, but the trailing teams just fall further behind.

Road block (in order of arrival): Zach, Ashley, Kurt, Sheri, Dana, Korey, Scott

Then one last bit of drama when Blair takes her bag and her father’s bag without telling him, leading to him grabbing Tyler’s bag before realizing it and having to run back to a frantic but now also finished with the road block Tyler & Korey. They’re so close now that it’s going to come down to a footrace or cab ride.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is the Bridge of Peace.

First: Zach & Rachel (win a trip to Turks and Caicos)
Second: Burnie & Ashley
Third: Brodie & Kurt
Fourth: Dana & Matt
Fifth: Sheri & Cole
Sixth: Tyler & Korey
Eliminated: Scott & Blair

Tyler & Korey nearly threw the leg away, but somehow Scott & Blair managed to mess up more and have been eliminated.

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