The Amazing Race 28 Episode 5

The very silly ending in The Amazing Race 28 Episode 4 saw eight teams arrive on the mat at the same time with only Brittany & Jessica on the train behind them being eliminated when they finally made it to see Phil.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Brodie & Kurt – 10:46AM
Second: Tyler & Korey – 10:47AM
Third: Dana & Matt – 10:48AM
Fourth: Burnie & Ashley – 10:49AM
Fifth: Zach & Rachel – 10:50AM
Sixth: Erin & Joslyn – 10:51AM
Seventh: Sheri & Cole – 10:52AM
Eighth: Scott & Blair – 10:53AM

Teams must search the streets for a license plate to find their transportation, which means they aren’t going very far. At least in this case, they are all bunched together, so the tasks will determine the outcome, not the departure order, or at least that’s my initial theory.

After making their way up a mountain, they have to zipline to their next clue. The detour is a choice between dynamite and campsite. In dynamite, teams must deliver explosives and lunch to the workers across the mountain. In campsite, teams must pitch a tent.

Dynamite: Brodie & Kurt, Tyler & Korey, Dana & Matt, Zach & Rachel, Scott & Blair, Erin & Joslyn, Sheri & Cole
Campsite: Burnie & Ashley

It basically comes down to a scary task or one that requires attention to detail, and scary typically equates to better. This proves to be the case here, as the camping task is far inferior, pushing the only team to do it into second to last place, only ahead of Sheri & Cole who debated and finally reluctantly decided to do the other task. If Sheri hadn’t talked Cole into it, they would be in dead last instead of now just about tied.

The road block requires teams to paraglide, launching from more than 7000 feet, and correctly answer a very simple question about what they’ve seen when they are finished.

Road block (in order of arrival): Brodie, Korey, Matt, Rachel, Blair, Erin, Ashley, Sheri

Here they have to wait for good enough wind, and if they fall, they have to wait and try again.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is the Dr. Paccard Statue, which honors the man who first conquered the summit of Mont Blanc.

First: Tyler & Korey (win a trip to Philippines)
Second: Brodie & Kurt
Third: Dana & Matt
Fourth: Scott & Blair
Fifth: Zach & Rachel
Sixth: Burnie & Ashley
Seventh: Sheri & Cole
Eliminated: Erin & Joslyn

The road block provided for some amazing sights but a predictable ending. After Erin falls too many times, Erin & Joslyn have been eliminated. Perhaps they would have survived if they didn’t waste time earlier searching for lunch for the detour before finally realizing that it was the baguettes they had grabbed before heading up the mountain.

With March Madness coming up, the next episode will not air until April 1.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another recap of The Amazing Race 28 Episode 6, which airs Friday at 8/7c on CBS.

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