Survivor: Second Chance Episode 6

Kimmi kept whining about Monica for some reason in Survivor: Second Chance Episode 5, and for some reason Monica was oblivious to it, which proved to be her downfall.

The previews already gave away what happens next. Terry gets a late night visit from Jeff Probst with news that his son is in the hospital, and his wife and doctor think it’s serious enough that he should go home. Terry departs from the game.

Drop your buffs. Again. Angkor is dead. We hardly knew you, and you were incompetent most of the time.

Ta Keo: Andrew, Kass, Woo, Spencer, Kelly, Abi, Ciera
Bayon: Stephen, Kelley, Joe, Jeremy, Tasha, Keith, Kimmi

Jeff asks Kass how she’s feeling, and she wastes no time throwing Spencer under the bus. On the other side, Kelley is the odd person out.

For the reward challenge, they will race down a slip and slide, grabbing a ring to toss along the way. Reward is a picnic. Jeremy beats Andrew by a second to give Bayon the lead 1-0. Kass beats Stephen to tie it at 1-1. Abi beats Kimmi to take the lead 2-1 for Bayon. Joe beats Woo to make it 2-2. Kelly beats Kelley to win for Ta Keo.

Andrew comes up with a plot. He tells the others that Spencer is the target, and they will tell him that Ciera’s the target. This despite the fact that he loves Spencer. Somehow, Ciera gets all bent out of shape at the thought of just having her name mentioned.

Joe is trying to bond with the person who is the easy target, Kelley, which gets Stephen paranoid. Jeremy doesn’t want Joe to go, however, as Joe is a good shield.

Immunity is a gross eating challenge. Woo and Spencer eat their tarantulas before Tasha and the very bad at this challenge Kimmi. Ciera sucks as bad as Kimmi, allowing Keith and Jeremy to tie it 1-1 after eating water beetles. Kass is unable to finish her pig snout, giving Bayon the 2-1 lead. Kelly plows through the frog, beating Joe to make it 2-2. Kimmi refused to eat cow’s brain in her last season, and she refuses to eat pig’s brain this time. Woo gets it down in a few seconds anyway, taking the 3-2 lead for Ta Keo. Ciera loses again, allowing Kelley to tie it. The final round is Kass against Tasha eating balut, and we already know how this is going to turn out. Kass isn’t even competitive. Bayon wins immunity.

Everybody seems to be onboard with the Spencer vote. Except Ciera. She has issues with her name being brought up at all, though her bigger issue seems to be she’s willing to do whatever to make it known she’s playing the game, not necessarily whatever smart but just whatever. Her target is Woo, which she reveals to the other women. Of course, Abi will have no problem with this.

Though she doesn’t trust Spencer, they’re going to have to play together if she wants to get rid of Woo. Kass informs Spencer that he’s Andrew’s target. In her case, she wants to prove something just like Ciera, except that’s how she was the first time, too. This whole concept of Chaos Kass is just stirring up trouble for trouble’s sake.


With 4 votes, Woo has been voted off the island. I’m not entirely sure why, though the people responsible for this tribe being at Tribal Council due to their poor challenge performance controlled the vote. Savage has some regrouping to do because he just got his legs kicked out from under him after thinking he was in total control.

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