Survivor: Second Chance Episode 5

Jeff played hard trying to prove he was new school, so hard that he never really had a chance, and was eliminated in Survivor: Second Chance Episode 4, the week after getting caught conversing with another tribe at a challenge.

Kimmi and Monica get into an argument about how much food they should take out of the ocean.

For the reward challenge, three members will be tied together and roll one person in a barrel who collects balls to be rolled into holes. Reward is comfort. Terry and Kass sit out for Ta Keo; Stephen and Kelly sit out for Bayon. Bayon falls behind as Monica takes long to untie the bags, but it will come down to the ball toss. Jeremy starts to make things interesting but then falls behind again. Spencer takes over for him and gets Bayon back to a tie. Keith wins the larger comfort reward and refreshments for Ta Keo. Angkor places second to receive a tarp thanks to Woo’s tossing.

As Terry’s off fishing, the others talk about getting rid of him. Considering how weak they were at the challenge without him, I’m not sure how good an idea that is.

Woo tells a story about his mom’s transplant, which Abi interprets as an attempt to gain sympathy. Maybe it is, at least in part, but I don’t see what she’s gaining by telling that to Tasha.

For the immunity challenge, they will shoot with giant slingshots on platforms they must reach by climbing. Ciera and Kelly sit out for Ta Keo; Monica and Jeremy sit out for Bayon.

Joe scores for Ta Keo. Spencer scores for Bayon. Andrew scores for Angkor. Kelly scores for Bayon. Woo scores for Angkor. Stephen scores for Angkor, which is not his tribe. Tasha scores for Angkor. Terry scores for Ta Keo. Woo scores again to win immunity for Angkor for a change. Spencer scores for Bayon. Joe scores for Ta Keo. Keith scores to win immunity for Ta Keo.

Having come from the minority tribe, Spencer and Kelly are the two potential targets. As they’re discussing it, Monica tells Kimmi that they need to keep the girls’ numbers up, which Kimmi reports back to the guys.


With 3 votes, Monica has been voted off the island. I didn’t think much of that little squabble at the top of the episode, but perhaps Monica should have because opening her mouth to the wrong person sunk her in the end.

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