Survivor: Second Chance Episode 4

Peih-Gee’s feud, for lack of a better term, with Abi finally came back to bite her in Survivor: Second Chance Episode 3, and she was eliminated.

Immediately after the voting is done, the drama starts. Tasha tells Woo he’s good with her and that Jeff should have been the one to go. Seeing someone talking to Woo does not sit well with Abi, who confronts her and refuses to talk about their differences in private. Abi thinks she’s in the majority, but she just keeps digging her own grave and making enemies for no reason.

For the reward challenge, they will race to the water, retrieve sandbags, and launch those into a net back on shore. It’s a hero challenge. Andrew will compete for Angkor, Jeremy will compete for Bayon, and Terry will compete for Ta Keo. Terry seems like kind of an odd choice when they have Joe, but he builds a big lead on the others. All it takes is for Andrew to make a basket after one try to come back from dead last and erase that lead and win the better of the two food rewards. Terry holds on for second place.

Kass thinks she played a great strategic game last time (she didn’t), but she realizes she sucked at the social game. Nobody trusts her, but she’s going to play nice and see if that gets her further.

Spencer throws Kelly under the bus to try to save himself. It doesn’t work.

For the immunity challenge callers will direct blindfolded tribe members to pick up puzzle pieces. Monica sits out for Bayon; Ciera sits out for Ta Keo. The callers are yelling at the tops of their lungs, but everybody is complaining about being unable to hear anything. Then we get a montage of people getting hurt. Everybody is roughly even heading into the puzzle. Bayon wins immunity. Ta Keo places second. Angkor loses again, as they pretty much just give up.

For all the bumping into each other while blindfolded, Jeff is the one who gets most injured after dropping a piece on his foot after they take the blindfolds off. He hasn’t been much use in challenges so far, and this only makes things worse.

Tasha continues to pitch her idea that Jeff needs to go. He knows it’s either him or Woo and feels his saving grace may be he’s not the one who voted for Abi (twice). Of course, as comfortable as she feels, Abi is always a potential target because of her personality, but at this point they don’t have much choice but to keep her.


With 3 votes, Jeff has been voted off the island. He played himself out of the game last week and was lucky to survive then.

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