Survivor: Second Chance Episode 3

Shirin played hard and fast, controlling the first vote, which led to her demise in Survivor: Second Chance Episode 2.

Now Terry has himself believing he’s the one in control.

In contrast to the other tribe that keeps losing, Kass tells everyone at the challenge that she’s on the love tribe.

Well, with that in mind, drop your buffs. They are going from two tribes to three.

Bayon (Purple): Monica, Jeremy, Stephen, Kimmi, Kelly, Spencer
Ta Keo (Blue): Keith, Kass, Joe, Ciera, Terry, Kelley
Angkor (Yellow): Woo, Jeff, Peih-Gee, Abi, Tasha, Andrew

This leaves 4 original Bayon members on the Bayon tribe with Kelly and Spencer in the minority, though for Spencer, he’s probably higher on the totem pole than he was when he was being buddies with Shirin.

There are also 4 original Bayon members on the new Ta Keo tribe. This is a pretty brutal numbers advantage. They are joined by Kelley and Terry. With how he was talking, I was getting a dead man walking edit from Terry.

The last remaining tribe doesn’t get an established camp and must rebuild as if it’s day 1. Angkor consists of a 4-2 advantage for old Ta Keo with Tasha and Andrew being the odd people out.

Kelley immediately throws Terry under the bus, knowing it’s probably going to be one of them to go home first, even though getting rid of him over her wouldn’t make much sense.

Spencer says he was on camp macho before. I don’t think that was the problem. It was overplaying. The only reason he’s still around is that he’s not Shirin.

Abi and Peih-Gee obviously don’t like each other, which Tasha takes as a possible opportunity.

Jeremy and his group go searching for an idol. He gets a clue, telling him to look at the challenge.

For the challenge, they will push a cart through an obstacle course, collect chests, disassemble the cart, and use the pieces in the chest to solve a puzzle. Spencer, Tasha, and Kass previously participated in this challenge (and lost) as part of the Brains tribe, one of the dumbest tribes ever. Ta Keo build a decent lead heading into the puzzle with the other two tribes roughly tied. Ta Keo wins immunity, and so does Bayon.

And then Tasha starts talking about a rat. Probst is right there, and he doesn’t know what’s happening either. Look away for a second, and you miss it. I had to watch the replay of Jeff mouthing something to the other tribe. Following this, Woo learns that Jeff had made an alliance with Tasha and Andrew, though he told us he didn’t plan to honor that.

The logical conclusion regardless seems to be to be for whatever tribe that wins to remain united, but Jeff just painted a target on his back that was otherwise not there. Woo doesn’t think that getting rid of him would be such a bad idea. They still have a majority with Abi. Yeah, Peih-Gee’s best friend, who Woo voted to get rid of two weeks ago.

Abi presents an alternative. She refuses to cooperate with her tribe. So now Peih-Gee wants to get rid of her instead, like her arm needed twisting, and she won’t budge when Andrew and Tasha talk to her. That makes Peih-Gee their target.

As the other tribe implodes, that leaves Tasha and Andrew in the unique position of being in control, despite logic dictating one of them should be going home.


With 4 votes, Peih-Gee has been voted off the island. I didn’t think much of that feud, but it sure came to a head quickly. That leaves Woo, who voted for Abi a second time, and Jeff, whose game Tasha tried to end, all of a sudden at the bottom.

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