Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 7

After a tribe shuffle in Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 6, Kat tried to go after one of her own tribe, who in turn got rid of her instead.

When she arrives on Redemption Island, Kat complains about and blames everybody other than herself. You were the one who got busted trying to get rid of a member of your alliance, remember? Overnight, denial/anger turns to depression, and she’s still crying when they get to the challenge.

Hayden is reluctant to switch, but Kat thinks she’ll lose the duel. She wants to switch, despite the fact that they both think he has the better chance to win the game, but she eventually agrees to let him play.

Their duel is to untie a machete to release bags of puzzle pieces. The knot untying is largely irrelevant, and the meat of the challenge is the puzzle, the fire puzzle Cochran won in the final immunity challenge. For Kat, even getting the bag open proves tricky. John runs away with it. Laura is trying to keep up with him by copying his puzzle but is still lagging well behind. Kat is starting to catch up, so the people who just voted her out tell her to look at Laura’s, which she thinks is cheating. Laura comes in second, and Kat has been eliminated. Monica gets the clue again, and she burns it again.

Aras is really happy that Gervase and Tyson came over to his tribe. Unbeknownst to him, Tyson continues plotting against him behind his back. While Aras meditates about his position of power, Tyson talks to the tribe about getting rid of Aras and/or Vytas.

For the challenge, four members of each tribe will be chained together. They will walk together to untie bags from underneath a platform. Reward is fried chicken. Ciera sits out for Tadhana. Because both tribes are crawling under the same platform, they just hold each other there until everybody has all their bags. Once they untie their bags, they have to toss balls that are chained together and land them on posts. The tossing comes down to Tyson against Tina. I think we know how this is going to go, though Tina does keep it interesting. Tadhana wins immunity and reward.

As with last week, Vytas is the target. What would really help here? If Laura B didn’t tell him in front of the whole tribe because she feels sorry for him and doesn’t think blindsides are acceptable. They don’t like that she made this decision on her own and clearly cannot be trusted to be part of the team and play the game.

Laura B
Laura B
Laura B

As big of a threat as Vytas (or more specifically Aras and Vytas) is, Laura B is just not cut out for this game.

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